Dec 29, 2018

My Year 2018 in Japanese KitKat

After writing an article about "My Year 2017 in Japanese KitKat" last year - take a look here - I decided that it is a nice tradition and so I am going on with it this year, too.

Last year, I tried 20 different tastes of Japanese KitKat - this year I couldn't get that many, but at least I bought 14 new ones to my collection.

Here you have the overview!

My Year 2018 in Japanese KitKat photo

  1. KitKat Chocolatory Special: Matcha & Kinako; 抹茶&黄粉
  2. KitKat Ruby; ショコラトリー サブリム ルビー
  3. KitKat Aki Kuri (Autumn Chestnut); 秋栗 - see review
  4. KitKat Ama Sake (Sweet Sake); 甘酒
  5. KitKat Every Day Luxury Strawberry Cheesecake; 毎日の贅沢ストロベリーチーズケーキ
  6. Easter KitKat Banana; バナナ
  7. 45th Anniversary KitKat Strawberry Tiramisu; いちごティラミス - see review
  8. KitKat Ikinari Dango (Kumamoto Special); いきなり団子
  9. KitKat Onsen Manju; 温泉饅頭
  10. KitKat Mint; ミント
  11. KitKat Sakura Masamune Daiginjo Sake; 櫻正宗 大吟醸
  12. KitKat Ume Sake; 梅酒
  13. KitKat Kikyo Shingen Mochi; 桔梗信玄餅
  14. Otoshidama KitKat (normal taste); お年玉

This is my list of 2018.
Did you try any new KitKat flavors this year?



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