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  • Shushinkan Brewery

    Learn about how sake is made and try some

    The Shushinkan brewery is a great one to get a clear understanding of what sake brewing is all about and how it was done in the past, with models demonstrating and videos with English explaining the process. If you only go to one brewery in the famous Nadagogo area, it should be this one!

  • Kobe Animal Kingdom

    Get up close with nature, birds and animals

    The Kobe Animal Kingdom on Port Island used to be called Kobe Kachoen (or Kobe Bird and Flower Park) but has since been renamed to reflect a change from more birds to more animals. They often hold cute events like feeding the capybara with "birthday cake" (animal friendly foods in the shape of a cake) and others. The animals seem to be cared for quite well and this makes for quite a nice day out, particularly with the family.

  • Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

    Fascinating trip, wonderful scenery from the top

    One little known tourist attraction in Kobe is the Bridge World tour of the longest suspension bridge in the world, the Akashi Kaikyo bridge in Tarumi Ward. For around 3000 yen from April until November you can go on a tour, where someone involved in the making of the bridge will tell you all about how it was made and the feats of engineering that happened to complete it.The tour is a fantastic chance to go up to the top of the bridge and see stunning 360 degree views over Kobe, Akashi and Awaji Island. You will not want to miss this. Unless of course you're afraid of heights- 300 metres above sea level isn't for the faint hearted!

  • Costco

    Buy in bulk, save big

    Costco is one of those places where you can spend hours and thousands, and the Tarumi incarnation is no different. Show your Costco member's card (around 4000 yen per year) and get access to a treasure trove of American-sized everything, from TVs to jewellery to clothes to cakes. Being in Japan, I recommend the cheese, bagels and cookies, which can be very hard to get hold of unless you are happy to pay an arm and a leg. Costco Tarumi has a pharmacy and cafe where you can stock up on pills and pizza. 

  • Kitano Meister Garden

    Hands-on experiences and making things

    The Kitano Meister Garden is actually a renovated Elementary School, which now houses small shops in each former classroom offering handmade trinkets. Most interestingly, though, you can try your hand at making your very own one-of-a-kind pieces out of leather, wax... whatever you can imagine! This is a fun way to spend a few minutes (just looking round) or half an hour to an hour (trying out making things) on your way to or from Kitano.

  • Gigantor (Tetsujin) statue

    Wacky statue is symbol of restoration

    Many people know that Kobe was hugely damaged by the 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, but far less people know that Nagata ward was one of the worst hit. This huge statue of Tetsujin acted as a focal point for the restoration of the area and promised to breathe a new lease of life into the surrounding area. That may not have happened, but it is still well worth a visit if you are in Nagata and want to get a great photo of something you don't see every day.

  • Kirin Beer Factory

    Learn about and try beer

    Take a free factory tour around to learn about the process of making beer in this slightly unexpected location in the middle of the countryside. You can try some beer after the tour too (or non-alcoholic options for the designated driver). You're sure to get thirsty! Limited English language support available.

  • Nunobiki Herb Gardens

    Peaceful and ideal for horticulture fans

    The Nunobiki Herb Gardens are a quintessentially Kobe attraction- a Western style place showing no signs of neon or rustic wood that you might expect from nearby Osaka or Kyoto. In that sense, they may not quite satisfy the Japan traveller who is looking to fill their checklist as quickly as possible (Cat cafe, temple, torii gates, crazy Japanese anime etc etc), but once you have grown out of that and fancy taking a calming cable car trip with beautiful scenery, to have a walk around the hillside gardens, and maybe enjoy an outdoor foot spa, this is for you. I recommend visiting before lunch and trying the cafes and restaurants at the top for lunch.

  • The Harbour Tavern

    Great slice of Britain in Japan

    Owned and run by a Brit, this is the place to go in Kobe for good, hearty food and drink from back home. They have a wide choice of menu items from sausages to chicken parmigiana to pizza to fajitas, so there's bound to be something for everyone. I recommend the Sunday roast (lamb, beef or a mix) served after 3pm on Sundays for 1400 yen.They also sell Aspall cider in 3/4 or full pint servings, which is a rarity in Japan. They allow smoking. You can open a tab or pay as you go, which is very convenient for parties. 

  • Mysterious Trick Art Consulate

    Pricey but fun

    This place is a great chance to take a new profile picture! Don't forget your camera otherwise you won't have nearly as much fun visiting. There are about 20 different pieces of "trick art" where you can put yourself in the picture or experience cool optical illusions. It will take you about 30 minutes to see the whole place so 800 yen is quite expensive, but if you are a Westerner and know what the inside of Western style buildings look like, I recommend you choose this one out of all the Kitano Ijinkan to pay to enter.

  • Tokyo Sky Tree

    Highest spot in Tokyo

    Taking the place of Tokyo Tower as the new spot in town, Tokyo SkyTree. 634 m tall, there is a viewing deck at 350 m where you can enjoy views over Tokyo, and another deck at 450 m. To get to the deck at 350 m, there is a high-speed elevator that gets you there in 50 seconds. The way Tokyo spreads out below you from this point is amazing. It’s a great spot, both day and night. There are restaurants and bars around on the first floor, making this a nice date spot. 

  • Kiyosumi Garden

    Kiyosumi japanese style garden

    The Kiyosumi garden is a japanese style garden close to Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station in the center of Tokyo. The garden has a big pond with a tea and ceremonyhouse and very nice old japanese bridges. You can also find many animals like turtles, koi or many diffrent kinds of birds in the garden.The garden is also popular for their nice cherry blossom and red autumm leaves photo spots.