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Jasmine Palace - Chiba

Chiba-shi, Chiba

Vietnamese restaurant with a nice surprise



14 hours ago

Pizza House

Kawaba-mura, Gunma

Reasonably priced delicious mason oven pizzas within a roadside station complex



on Nov 14

Akari Campsite Kawaba Denen

Kawaba-mura, Gunma

New campsite beside award winning Denen Plaza Roadside station



on Nov 14

Den-en Plaza

Kawaba-mura, Gunma

Kanto's Largest and award winning Roadside station



on Nov 14


4 Answers

Coffee Grinder

What's the best space efficient coffee grinder you've found locally? Do you take your beans to a shop and have them ground? Do you have a wee device you use at home? Friends gifted me a few bags, and I ordered coffee from Amazon Japan at a good price, but whole bean. Thanks for any replies.


on Nov 12

3 Answers

Bathtub cleaning

Any advice for cleaning a japanese bathtube? Somehow my bathtub has many weired stains and discoloration after I didn´t used it for long time. Normal bathroom cleaning spray doesn´t work really.


on Nov 11

5 Answers

Mentos flavors in Japan

Been chewing away on plenty of Mentos in recents weeks (for reasons that are not important here) but I'm getting sick of just the cola, grape, and mint flavors. In years past I alway remembered there being a whole bunch of Mentos flavors available in Japan but now I can only find the three. If you've seen any other than those mentioned above, can you tell me where?


on Nov 7

7 Answers

Kotatsu advice

For this year's winter I want to be as prepared as possible...we've already got heated rugs in some rooms but I'd like to get a kotatsu for another room we have. Any recommendations for brands, or things I should consider when shopping for one? Also, are there any without an exposed heating element? I've got little ones in the house so the safer the better!


on Oct 27

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