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Minohisa Soba 箕久

Tateyama-shi, Chiba

Excellent Shinshu Soba Noodles



on Aug 3

A-U-N Izakaya あうん

Nagareyama-shi, Chiba

Izakaya cafe switch, great lunch plates



on Aug 3


8 Answers

Tuning into or out of the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony?

I think the government wants us to stay in and watch the opening of the Olympics on TV over these two rearranged national holidays. Are you going to be watching? What's your mood regarding the games at the moment? No judgement, just curious. I'm not sure I was ever that invested in the games but thinking about what it was supposed to have been and what it looks to have become kind of makes me want to tune out but I think I'll be watching the opening ceremony at least.


on Jul 21

7 Answers

Eiken... where to start!?

Hi! What level should the average 6th and 5th grade child aim for in their first Eiken test? My son (6th grade) and daughter (5th) want to take it, so whatever the "norm" is I was thinking they could try one level up as they are "hafu" kids. They are certainly not fluent in English, but they are definitely way ahead of their peers. Any experience / advice welcome. Thank you. Photo just for colour!! Additional information - the first test is free in our town and the kids get forms at school to bring home, hence they want to do it!


on Jun 26

6 Answers

Renewing passport from Japan during pandemic

Has anyone had any experience with renewing their (overseas) passport from here in Japan during the pandemic? I'm just wondering if the coronavirus situation has made passport renewals from overseas take longer than usual (or maybe the time has become shorter). I understand that procedures and times vary from country to country and are influenced by other factors but I'm just curious. Thanks.


on Jun 22

4 Answers

Investing While in Japan

I wanted to know if any of you are currently investing while in Japan and how you are doing it. I am curious for two reasons: Retirement Short Term investment If you are investing, are you doing it through Japan or through your home country. I plan on staying in Japan, but for lack of understanding, I am thinking if I should start a 401K in America instead. Any advice is appreciated.


on May 25


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