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Bank Book Bar

Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata

A Classy-Western Ambiance in the Heart of Yonezawa



8 hours ago

Alice in an Old Castle

Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Go Down to the Rabbit Hole with Alice



20 hours ago

Ufu Uhu Farm

Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata

Fresh Eggs, Yummy Egg Puffs, and a GIANT CHICKEN!



on Nov 23

Ghibli Museum

Mitaka-shi, Tokyo

Plunge Into the Spellbinding Realm of Hayao Miyazaki



on Nov 23


1 Answer

stray power cords

Is it possible to buy just a power cord for a kotatsu? We can't find ours anywhere, and I'm not sure where to look.


on Nov 23

3 Answers

Disinfectant Spray Similar to Lysol?

Do any of you fellow expats know of a similar spray to Lysol in the US (spray disinfectant) that you can get here in Japan? Our daughter is coming down with a bug, it seems, and we're doing our best to keep germs at bay as much as we can. Would love some input if you have any suggestions!


on Nov 5

4 Answers

Effective cold medicine

Always nice to be handed a cold as you enter a 3-day weekend. I've been using the medicine (off the counter) in the image but it doesn't seem to have much clout. Does anyone have an cold medicine that they turn to in Japan that gets to work quickly?


on Nov 4

2 Answers

Hokkaido by plane or by train?

Hi. How can I travel to Hokkaido? plane or train?


on Oct 11

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