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Cosmo World

Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

An amusement park in the heart of downtown Yokohama



on Jun 21

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Meguro-ku, Tokyo

An ever-changing and always interesting array of exhibitions



on Jun 20

Tachikawa Velodrome

Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo

Well kept cycling facility where you can watch



on Jun 19


4 Answers

Second Hand Outdoor store in Tokyo

Does anyone have suggestion for Second Hand Outdoor Store in Tokyo, maybe around Shinjuku?


on Jun 11

5 Answers

Best libraries in Japan

Hi! I’m listing ideas of things to do during long breaks (that don’t cost a lot), and I thought of doing a library tour. Do you have any suggestions on libraries in this country that are worth visiting? Also would appreciate it if you can give reasons why. Thanks!


on Jun 11

5 Answers

Change of employer/working visa

I would like to ask if it is possible from humanities working visa in Japan will change to visa working in construction company.The company is willing to give documents necessary for the processing of new visa.Thank you


on Jun 11

7 Answers

Your best buys for keeping your house dry in summer?

We're going to likely be house sitting for family in Tokyo this summer - at least for a couple of weeks - which means that we're not going to be here in Niigata and able to be emptying our dehumidifiers constantly. Do you have any amazing products (even better if you have Amazon links for me!) that don't need you to be physically present to draw that moisture out of the air? The last thing I want is to come back to a sticky, sweaty, moldy house! Thanks in advance!


on Jun 6

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