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Our Ikebana headmaster's solo exhibition

Our school, The Sogetsu flower school,  celebrates 90th anniversary this year. And our headmaster, or Iemoto (いえもと 家元), Akane Teshigahara held solo exhibition in commemoration of the anniversary at school HQ in Akasaka, Tokyo.

It was not typical "flower exhibition" that many people expect, because our Iemoto created the venue with very unique "Artwork" , collaborating with some modern artists.

The main work was displayed at the first floor of the building. Without decorations, this lobby floor is very unique rock garden titled "Heaven" designed by world's famous artist Isamu Noguchi.

(PIC from Sogetsu School HP)

Whenever I visit the school, only one or two works are displayed here. But see, our Iemoto made the space totally different and unusual!! (Picture from the top)

The designers who worked with Iemoto used thin stainless sheets, cutting it diamond-shaped to make the mirroring ivy, and covered the whole floor and wall with them. The steel ivies reflect the colors and shapes of flowers as well as the light that come into the space from the skylights, making the space more special. Iemoto's works were displayed in this brilliant, shiny hall.

Before entering the hall, at the entrance, many bamboo welcomed us. Bamboo is frequently used in our school as it can show a lot of expressions by cutting, bending, drying coloring and so on.

The black ones are dried bamboo roots painted in black and displayed upside down.

The materials were put in containers which Iemoto made by herself. Not only our headmaster, many of our students who want to organize the MOST unique arrangement visit atelier/art studio to produce original pottery.

Works are not always big. There were tiny ikebana like these. Tiny vases measured about 4-5 cm tall are used for this work. We call this style "mini-ature" and use some parts of the plants such as buds, a leaf, to emphasize the uniqueness of the material.

 On the contrary, at the center of the hall, a large work was shown featuring Sakura trees. Full bloomed Sakura and other branches were breathtaking. Also, stainless on the wall and floor reflects the colors of the flowers. I've never seen such a splendid cherry blossoms...

On the second floor, there were exhibitions of flowers and modern arts.

Ikebana can be collaborated not only with dimensional arts, but with planar artworks such as paintings. There were arrangements inspired by paintings of the young artists. The works looked like as it was just ONE production created from ONE artist.

Last but not least, display on the fifth floor was also attractive. Originally, there was a traditional Japanese room with tatami, like this.

But during the exhibition, the room were decorated with modern sculpture and flowers! The works dramatically changed the atmosphere of the old room!

Did you enjoy the exhibition tour with my pictures? I'm happy if you understand that ikebana can be collaborated with many kinds of arts.

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I went to soegetsu for my first ikebana lessons! ^_^ i am quite busy so i havent scheduled my next lesson :(


@Bella Oh, you are studying Sogetsu? Happy to hear that! When I started studying, I had been living so far from my school and took few years to finish basic textbooks. Don't worry and enjoy it whenever you are available:)


Yes :) i live in saitama so it's a bit far but i enjoyed the lessons, do u still study there? @yoona


@Bella It seems you attended HQ's English class? I live in Tokyo and still go to HQ to take advanced classes for diploma holders, and sometimes I participate in exhibitions or other events. I think you can find small Sogetsu school in Saitama! (But not sure they offer bilingual lessons...) If I live in Saitama, I can have lessons for you:(


Yes i did! That was last month. They have a school in saitama? I didnt know that. But i prefer being taught in english to understand it well, once
My schedule is free im gonna have another lessson :) @yoona


@Bella There are many diploma holders who open small schools like me, so if you're really really busy to attend HQ, you can ask HQ staff (maybe overseas division?) to help finding bilingual teacher in Saitama! Anyway I hope you'll have schedule free soon:)


This looks interesting. I've never associated ikebana with modern art. I really like the look of the ikebana in the 5th picture from the bottom. I've never seen anything like that before.


@DaveJpn I like the same pic, too. The painting and dried ikebana materials really match and create the perfect work! I'm happy to show you NEW style of ikebana:)



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