Jul 11, 2018

Why I think recently famous soccer players are coming to the J-League

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The J-League has barely 25 years from its foundation. Despite this fact, the professional soccer league of Japan has developed rapidly in the recent years. The league is made by 18 clubs from all the regions of the country. It has been considered as one of the most competitive league in the Asian continent.

In total, there are 6 Japanese teams that have won the biggest soccer tournament in Asia called AFC Champions League.  Those are: Urawa Red Diamonds twice, Jubilo Iwata, JEF United Chiba, Tokyo Verdy, Osaka Gamba and Yokohama F. Marinos each of them just once.

Due to the fame of being one of best leagues in Asia and the good quality of life in the country, Japan is very desired by many foreign soccer players. One more important fact that is very important for players to choose the J-League is the very famous manga and anime series, Captain Tsubasa. 

In comparison to China, the payment is not extremely high but still a good steak for those who want to enjoy nice sushi and sign karaoke after trainings. The most famous players that have come to J-League are: 

1. Lucas Podolski: one of the best recent German strikers and World Cup winner in 2014. He is 33 years old and started to play professional soccer when he was just 18 years old in the Bundesliga.  After 14 years playing as professional soccer player in different countries, such as Germany, Italy, Turkey, England and now Japan. Currently, his team is the Vissel Kobe. 

2. Andres Iniesta: Spanish soccer player, and one of the most important soccer players in the history of Spain National Team and Barcelona FC. World Cup Champion and legend in the blaugrana team. He just has played in Barcelona and currently is a teammate of Podolski at Vissel Kobe. If you wonder how this club is paying their salaries, then you should know that the owner is also the owner of the famous company Rakuten, Hiroshi Mikitani.

3. Fernando Torres: Also Spanish footballer and winner of the World Cup with Iniesta in South Africa at 2010. Torres has played in several nations, for example: Spain, England, Italy and now, Japan. Sagan Tosu club bought Torres from Atletico Madrid just this week. His career can be described as amazing and unique. He has been criticized by many supporters but at the same time loved by many others.

To sum up, you can see that this legends of the Football world have come to Japan in least than 2 years. It cannot be compare to the growth of the Chinese league yet. But I believe, soon J-League clubs will start to buy more and more foreign players, making the league a more competitive and profitable one.