Apr 4, 2016

Gokiburi Season begins!

Gokiburi Season begins! photoIt's starting to get warmer here in Tokyo and that's great! Everyone is getting out from under the kotatsu and enjoying the nice weather. Everyone... Including the COCKROACHES!!

Theres no denying it... Japan has a serious cockroach problem! Unless you live high in a mansion (and even then, the dudes FLY!), you're likely to see a few cockroaches trying to make themselves at home in your place. 

Now is the perfect time to take matters into your own hands and gokiburi-proof your home, before it's too late!

But, if it's too late, and you're already infested... Gokiburi Season begins! photoOne of these CHO KAWAII roach hotels could do the trick! They're large in size, so these would be best for when you've seen more than one small cockroaches in your house... If there's one tiny cockroach, there's gotta be more!! (The really big ones are more intimidating in appearance.. But the small ones are much more worrysome!)

Gokiburi Season begins! photoThis spray is great for when you see one, and want to introduce it to its maker! Just spray the cockroach. But beware, it propels them! Just keep spraying, don't give up!! 

Best places to keep cockroach traps:

★ Inside kitchen and bathroom cabinets, under sinks

★ Near windows you open often (feel that fresh breeze!)

★ Near doors

★ Behind and under furniture

Put those babies everywhere! 

Finally, if you have pets, use common sense. Keep your traps in places your beloved furry friends can't reach. I don't want to know what happens when Fido chews up too many roach poison traps on a midnight splurge. 

Happy bug killing!



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