Mar 2, 2016

Important Message To Black in Japan

Important Message To Black in Japan photo
I can’t count how many times I asked the question, “Color or race does matter to you in a relationship?" to Japanese. Actually, 90% of them said, “No, I don’t care”. 

To me, this is obvious result. I personally have no idea why you wouldn’t date someone because of the color.
Sure, physical attraction is important, but in a long term relationship, personality definitely comes first.

I'm really enjoying your channel, Nobita! But, I can’t date anyone in Japan, because I’m a black, you know."

This is the message I got just yesterday.
Honestly, I’m tired of hearing this kind of messages. No matter how many I tell race, color or country doesn’t matter on my YouTube channel, some people still don’t believe..

■ The Reason Color Does Not Matter At All 
Important Message To Black in Japan photo
Let me ask you.
Let’s say you met a beautiful Japanese girl. And you instantly got crush on her. But she said, “I don’t like black guys. Sorry!"

This might happen to you. But think about it. Would you like to date the girl even if you were not black, in the first place? Do you think she’s worth as your girlfriend?

Whether you’re a black or white or asian, you wouldn’t like to date the girl who doesn’t like black just because of the color, right? You wouldn’t like the personality anyway.

That’s why your color doesn’t matter. Trust me, there’re a plenty of girls who doesn’t care about your color at all in Japan. Your girlfriend should be one of them whether you’re a black or not.

■ Never Give Up Dating in Japan! 
Important Message To Black in Japan photo
Dating is one of the most exciting and important things in our lives. I honestly can't believe if you let the opportunity go to waste.

But, I found out so many foreigners in Japan actually give up dating Japanese in Japan, especially black people. Some people don’t even try to make friends and just hung out only with black.
Just because they just don’t think Japanese would accept black. 

I really really wanna change the negative thinking of them. That's completely ridiculous.

I met a lot of great black people in Japan. They’re all so friendly, kind and open-minded. It's so sad such a great people don’t date anyone just because of the color.

Don't get me wrong. If you’re not interested in dating Japanese, of course that’s no problem. Just go ahead being single.

But if you live in Japan, chances are you meet someone Japanese you want to date. In that case, I want you to take action and find your love. 

Remember, there’re tons of tons of people in Japan who does not give a s**t about your color. If you don't believe me, watch the below video. It’s very possible your destiny is one of them!



Hi! My name is Nobita, a native Japanese guy.I'm a Web Designer in Japan. I have a YouTube channel, "Find Your Love in Japan" to show "real" Japanese people for you.


  • klous

    on Mar 23


  • Ch6567

    on Oct 28

    You're putting all the pressure on the black person. When I lived in Japan there were a few guys I wanted to date and I asked some guys out and I got rejected. That's ok. Not everyone is going to like me but I know my blackness was one of the reasons why I was rejected. I was actually told that in one instance. While I'm glad it seems a lot of women would date black men, and it looks like things have changed since me moving there, I still think it's hard for black people to find love in Japan. I'm hoping to move back and I KNOW dating is the last goal on my list. If I were a man it might be easier but I know as a woman...well I better get my man for $24.99 out a plastic box.

  • Maruchan

    on Nov 29

    First of all I think it doesn’t point out the real problem. Let’s make an experiment. Place un a room 10 Japanese girls interested in gaijins. And then place 10 gaijin men with white guys , black men, Asian men and so on. From a purely statistical point of view, the Japanese girls will be more drawn to the white guys than blacks. I’m not black but I truly understand what they are facing. I see that every time at international events. They don’t have the advantage of being considered physically attractive. They have to make the first move and clear each hurdle individually and be more patient than white guys. They don’t start the 100m race with a 50m advantage. The most important is: If you ask them if they care about the color of their skin they will OBVIOUSLY SAY NO. But if you see how they ACT, then it’s obvious that black gaijins don’t enjoy the same privileges. So this is why just considering the interviewees answer as a proof is dangerous and misleading. This is why for them the only way to make it is to compensate this disadvantage with something else. Charisma, looks, confidence, can make it. However they still have to “over-improve themselves” for the same result. Most of black guys see Japanese girls with eyes filled with stars when they look at white guys for example.