Jun 27, 2016

Does Physical Attraction Really Matter?

Does Physical Attraction Really Matter? photo

In my YouTube channel (Find Your Love in Japan), I get a lot of questions related to something physical or race.

A taller girl is OK for Japanese men?"
Black guy is OK for Japanese girls?"
Is that really true Japanese guy’s penises are too small?"

Honestly, I don’t wanna answer these kind of questions, because I personally don’t give a s**t about physical attraction at all. Who cares whether you’re taller or shorter, black or white?

However I actually asked Japanese people the most popular request question from foreign girls the other day, which is “Would Japanese Guys Date Chubby Girls?"

I really didn’t ask this question to Japanese guys. As you guess, it was kinda obvious most guys answer they don’t feel good about dating chubby girls, simply because they’re get used to slim girls. I didn't want my viewers to be discouraged.

Physical attraction is something you can’t really control.

I know you can do plastic surgery, losing weight, putting a lot of makeup on face or something like that. But, no matter how hard you try to make you look good, it’s gonna disappear anyway as you get older, right?
Physical Attraction will not last long in the end.

Let me ask you something.

Let’s say the person you’re dating said, “I really like you because you’re white” “You’re American! That’s why I’m attracted to you!"

Nobody verbally tells you this of course, but the person you’re dating might actually think like that. In that case, how would you feel about the person? Would you be OK to keep dating the person from now on?

That would turn me off immediately in my case. I wouldn’t like to date someone who is attracted to my race or nationality only. That means she would be totally OK with anyone Japanese.

That’s why I don’t care about anything physical and have no preference at all. I don’t want people to judge me just based on my look, therefore I do not care about looks of others.

I’m guessing you’re the same.

Does Physical Attraction Really Matter? photo

There are so many things you just can’t change in this world, such as your height, race, nationality, name, family, etc. Don’t you think it’s waste of your time to even care about that?

If personality is definitely No.1 important factor for you when it comes to dating, why not you stop caring about your look and don’t give a f**k about other people's perspective?

I’m not saying physical preference is definitely bad thing. I know that’s normal thing. But you don't choose your partner just based on that, right?

If you try to focus on personalities more than now, you must be surprised you’re gonna be attracted to a chubby girl, a black girl, a Japanese girl, an indian girl and any type of girl in the world, and realize you’re totally happy with it.

Trust me, how you look doesn’t matter at all, because each person has each attractiveness. You gotta start loving yourself more! If you don’t like yourself just as you are, who is gonna like you?

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