Feb 29, 2016

Why She Looks So Beautiful?

Why She Looks So Beautiful? photo
■ Am I OK?

Since I started a YouTube channel, “Find Your Love in Japan” 7 months ago, it’s growing little by little and I’m getting a lot of comments from all over the world. I can’t be thankful enough about that. I’ve never imaged I could connect such a variety of people through the internet.

One of the messages I get the most from viewers recently is, My appearance, such as color, size, height, is good enough to date with a Japanese guy?”. 

          • ■ Japanese guys would accept a taller girl?
          • ■ What do Japanese guys think about Latino women? Am I OK for them as a partner?
          • ■ I’m afraid I’m quite fat, compared to Japanese girls. Would that be OK for them?

These questions are all response to the below video, “How To Get The Guy of Your Dreams in Japan”, which I made recently to encourage single girls to be proactive about dating.

Surprisingly, it seems like many women in the world are interested in Japanese guys, which I didn’t expect at all (,of course I already knew Japanese girls are so popular though.)
Although I’m so glad to know that as a Japanese, I don’t understand why so many girls care about appearance.

Who Fucking Cares?

This is my point. I honestly think it’s totally doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white, fat or skinny at all.

Japan is one the least diverse countries, which almost everyone is Japanese, so we don’t see so often non-Japanese person. Therefore, I have to say maybe not so many people accept non-Japanese as a partner. 

But so what?
Let’s say I was a black guy. I would definitely never care about my color. Because I’m sure not everyone turns down me no matter who I am. Still, I believe someone surly accepts me no matter where I live.

There are thouthands of girls in Japan, and all I need is just one girl. Only single one person. That's it.

Even If I get rejected a lot because of my skin, I would just move on and try to find another girl. That's it!
Why She Looks So Beautiful? photo
■A Beautiful Japanese Woman

The name of the above photo's lady is Arisa, a friend of mine. She’s from Japan, but has lived in Canada for a long time. I met her in Canada during my study abroad and we’re good friends since then.

She has a Yoga YouTube channel and I often watch her videos even though I don’t actually do Yoga. Watching her, I was always wondering why she’s so shining as a woman. 

There’re a plenty of beautiful women you can find on TV, magazine or something. But I honestly haven’t seen such a natural brilliant smile like her. That’s so attractive for me, but I couldn’t figure it out where that comes from. 

So I know this question was so weird, however, I had to ask her “why you look so shining? Where your energy comes from?"

She seemed confused a little bit and said,
I’m just enjoying what I love. I just like making videos. That’s it."

Sounds too simple, doesn’t it? But I think this is actually the best secret to make women attractive.

■Power of Smile

I can’t count how many girls I talked with on street interview, and there is one thing I noticed for sure.

Smile Makes Anyone Attractive.  

Most people get a little bit weird or scared when I talk to them. I’m sure not many Japanese guys talk to completely strangers with a lots of awkward Japanese accents.

So, I have to make sure they feel comfortable and enjoyable. I always say funny jokes or stupid things like, “Are You My Dad?” or ”You reminds me my first love!”, in order to create fun atmosphere with them. In most cases, people laugh and talk with me just like friends do. 

I really like the moment so much, which smile happens. I still remember every girl’s smile, and each one was absolutely beautiful and stunning no matter where they’re from, no matter what colors they have. They were all attractive to me a lot.

I noticed smile defnitely makes any girl in the world look shining, and that’s the most powerful thing to attract a guy. 

A lot of women care about their color, race or size, height, basically just focusing on appearance. And some girls are really crazy about makeup and fashion to make looks better as much as they can.

Sure, these things make you look attractive. But that’s just temporary. The guy who approached to you will walk away once he finds out real yourself.

Real beauty is not about makeup or fashionable clothing either. It’s about inside, in my opinion as a guy

The more satisfaction you have inside, the more attractive you become naturally. That’s exactly what I think as watching Arisa. 
Why She Looks So Beautiful? photo
Now, you know smile is more important to make your look better, rather than makeup or clothing.

But keep in mind fake smile is totally meaningless. You need "Real smile" which happens naturally from your inside satisfaction.

In order to get that, my suggestions are only two things, as I explained in the video below.

1. Do what you love as much as you can
2. Extremely be yourself all the time

I know these are very cliche nowadays, but that’s the most effective way I found after all, in order to get inside satisfaction and make smile happen naturally. 

Your smile is the most important thing to find your love!! 



Hi! My name is Nobita, a native Japanese guy.I'm a Web Designer in Japan. I have a YouTube channel, "Find Your Love in Japan" to show "real" Japanese people for you.