Jul 10, 2019

Fujiya Look Hinyari Salted Ice Cream

With Tanabata (aka the star festival, held on July 7th) disappearing behind us last weekend, it seems the chocolatiers of Japan have decided that it's time for an influx of new chocolates ahead of actual summer kicking into gear. As I write this, we're still very much trudging through rainy season, but I appreciate that this is likely to end any day now.

There are a few new, interesting chocolates about and one is Fujiya's new Look flavor, Hinyari Salted Ice Cream. It contains two “ice cream” flavors, salted vanilla and vanilla with salted caramel sauce.

Fujiya Look Hinyari Salted Ice Cream photo

They’re both... alright. Salt is meant to be one of those refreshing flavours that tends to crop up in the summer months, and it's definitely very prominent here. In some chocolates, it can add a nice edge but I found it a little too strong here, making the caramel a bit too bitter and leaving the salt vanilla with a weird aftertaste. They’re not my favourite Look flavors, but they’re nice enough that I can see myself eating them again!

Has anyone tried any of the new midsummer sweets that have suddenly sprung up? I haven't yet been brave enough to test out the Dars Salty Lychee flavour, but it's somewhere on my agenda. How about you??



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