Jan 12, 2018

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018; wildest custom cars back in town in even greater number

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 kicked off it’s annual custom-car showcase Friday, the 36th anniversary of the show, and what organizers hope will be the largest yet.

Organizers of Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 are anticipating over 300,000 visitors to pour through the door of venue Makuhari Messe east of the Japan capital in Chiba, over the course of Friday and the weekend.

The show’s use of a convention center on the gargantuan scale of Makuhari Messe is a testament to the popularity and importance of Tokyo Auto Salon. While some insiders say the influence of Japan’s other marquee auto show, the Tokyo Motor Show, has been usurped by similar shows in other parts of Asia, 36 years on and TAS continues to grow. The 2018 edition of the event is host to more than 440 exhibitors and their collective, and customized, fleet of 880 motors (up from the previous year) spread across 4,348 booths (again, up from 2017).

Perhaps it’s the sense of joy, passion, and most importantly, personality that is the driving force behind Tokyo Auto Salon. Rather than cold concept, TAS displays a warm, and sometimes weird, reality -- the visitor can know that a lot of what is on display here was born from the enthusiasm of the humble individual, rather than cold collective of a manufacturing giant’s R&D department.

Plus it’s varied, fun, and quite often sexy -- TAS did start life, after all, as the Tokyo Exciting Car Show. At Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 visitors have plenty to ogle in a show that covers the entirety of the Makuhari Messe (all halls 1 - 11 of it). It’s a lot to get through, and even in the massive venue booths, custom cars, parts, stages, and booth models are competing for space.

Japan’s big manufacturers are here -- Honda, Hino, Mazda, Mitsubishi Industries et al. For the most part, they have on display concept models and racing cars. It’s at these booths that the TAS visitor can find the greatest sense of calm and convention, a moment of respite from the frenzy and fun on display in the tuned-up, dressed-up, and fully-customized motors (together with their constituent parts and preening models) that are the roaring engine of Tokyo Auto Salon.

For the layman or casual visitor to TAS 2018, it’s those motors at their wildest, maddest, and most colorful that are likely to offer the greatest fuel for enjoyment at the event. Are there are plenty of these cars on show, which we introduce here …

The wildest rides of Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

Kicking things off with this dressed-up Lamborghini courtesy of Japanese brand Lyzer.

Following suit, plenty of bling on show with this dressed-up Mercedes courtesy of D.A.D Automotive Accessories.

LED / HID specialists were also present at the show with some pretty spectacularly dressed-up two-wheelers.

Anime characters, a recent furry addition to Ueno Zoo, and an army of lovable villain assistants will also present among the fun customisation at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018.

Introducing the "Pandarghini"

Doreamon print at TAS 2108

Minions ... 

Kitty-chan wing mirror ... 

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018; coolest paint jobs and body work

Alpha Industries baring their teeth at TAS 2018

One of the coolest cars for us at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 was this dressed-up GT-R courtesy of customizers / body kit specialists Kuhl and painters/artists Rohan.

Soon after entering via the "Central Entrance" of Makuhari Messe visitors are welcome with the super cool body work of this Mercedes, part of a promotion by sports brand Puma.

Parts, rims, interiors: Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018: Booth models

Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 is open to the public on Sat. Jan 13 & Sun. Jan 14

Web: http://www.tokyoautosalon.jp/2018/en/

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