Dec 29, 2017

Pregnant in Japan?

Being pregnant in Japan was a great experience for me. The experience for pregnant women, together with pregnancy related products, is very wonderful in Japan. In this post I am sharing my experience of being pregnant in Japan.

Pregnant in Japan?  photo

Touching The Belly :

Anywhere in the world, pregnant woman are afforded some privileges but I think being pregnant while in Japan was extra special. Anywhere you would go, people would want to talk to you and treat you with extra care. Pregnancy related taboos and cultural practices are also unique in all parts of the world. In Japan, people touch your tummy when they know you are pregnant so don't be amazed or shocked when they do so.

Food Restrictions:

However, there are some food restrictions while being pregnant that you need to follow while in Japan. I was told by my doctor to avoid sushi as soon as I got pregnant, which I thought is worth sharing. The raw fish contains high amounts of mercury which can be detrimental for the baby while in the womb. So, stay away from the yummy sushi for a while!

Hospital Services:

My hospital experience in Japan was great when it came to visiting pregnancy units. Doctors in Japan are most humble and thoughtful. Nurses take special care of you during your pregnancy hospital visits and try to comfort you with their gentle polite gestures. I also loved the fact that there were frequent ultrasounds compared to elsewhere and with every visit you could be updated about the health of the baby and any other developments. Moreover, test reports would be there right away so no need to wait to get the updates on the baby's health.

Ward Services:

Pregnancy is treated very specially in Japan by city / ward offices as well. Once you pass your first three months your ward will be informed about your pregnancy. Having this record in their system, the ward office will follow up in a regular basis to check on your health. They also provide any social assistance if needed. Additionally some regular check ups are also scheduled by the ward offices which involve general health and dental checkups.

Pregnancy Products:

Japan also offers wide range of pregnancy related products which can help you stay healthy and comfortable during this precious time. Out of all of them my favorite one is the "haramaki" that women in Japan wear. Haramaki are worn around the pregnant belly to keep pregnant woman warm. It also helps to provide gentle support to the women's growing belly. Haramaki are available in pregnancy stores in Japan for a reasonable cost.

Well, there are more fun related aspects of pregnancy in Japan which you get to experience as a part of the journey.



I am Babina Kharel living in Niigata, Japan. I come originally from Nepal but I am a permanent resident of Canada. I am currently living in Japan with my wonderful husband.