Feb 13, 2018

Dental facility in Niigata shows how it's done

Unlike else where in the world, I was so pleased to find out that dental coverage is a part of regular insurance coverage in Japan. Such a great news! So, I decided to go get my dental filling here in Japan. I went to Toyosaka Hospital in Niigata as this is the closest location from my apartment. However, there are several dental clinics in Niigata, my preference was to visit the big hospital as I always have a feeling that bigger hospitals have better facilities and equipment than smaller clinics. I may not be right in this assumption though.

My visit experience to the dental unit in Toyosaka Hospital was very worthwhile. I was warmly welcomed by a non-English-speaking attendant who was very polite and warm, nothing surprising for customer service in Japan. I always get astonished by the punctuality in Japan so there was little wonder when my turn came around in the same minute as it was supposed to be. While I waited I flipped through pages of the Japanese magazines that had articles and pieces on dental care. Even though I am not able to read Japanese script, it was very interesting to observe how pictures were so able to clearly deliver the messages.

Dental facility in Niigata shows how it's done photo

I was called in and the doctor was able to speak English. I was told beforehand that the doctor can communicate in English. So, he asked me a few general questions about my health, allergy issues, surgeries, and other medical history. Then he began the examination.

I had a dental decay but luckily not to the extent that I needed a root canal so a normal filling would be okay. The equipment used was very sophisticated and the chair where he made me sit was comfortable and movable so that the doctor could access the teeth that required treatment. I had been to a few dental clinics before but here it was very comfortable and relaxing. The doctor had the softest hand and I felt no pain because of the anesthesia that was administered. It took hardly twenty minutes and everything was done. I was prescribed some painkillers just in case they were needed. I was told not to take anything very hot or cold for a day and I would be normal soon.

I then bid good bye to the doctor and his team and made for the payment where I was very surprised because I has paid so little. Insurance covered a big chunk and my problem was solved. I loved the service and would recommend anyone with insurance to get their dental issues resolved while in Japan.



I am Babina Kharel living in Niigata, Japan. I come originally from Nepal but I am a permanent resident of Canada. I am currently living in Japan with my wonderful husband.