Feb 2, 2017

As in the Novels, Niigata's Romantic Sunrise and Sunset !!

With the Valentine’s day just around the corner, let me share what I think can help you recollect romantic memoirs. Well, being with your loved one makes any moment romantic but being with your loved ones in a special place adds more flavor to your love. That is why in romantic stories and novels, locations are as beautifully delineated as are the characters. Quite evident that love is an utmost beautiful expression of a human being; but role of nature is immense in intensifying the beauty of love. Again in a novel or a movie, Sunrise or Sunset is portrayed as the romantic backgrounds. Why so? Because they are terrific when captured well. Without any exaggeration, Sunrise and Sunset from good location does the best job in flourishing your love with your loved one. The memories captured together while seeing a sun rise or set becomes profound throughout our life. That is why people travel longest of distance to reach a popular sunrise and sunset points. They are passionate on cherishing those memories.

As in the Novels, Niigata's Romantic Sunrise and Sunset !! photo

1.Watching Sunrise from Fukushimagata Tower

In the land of Rising Sun, there are many spots that are popular as the sunrise view point. One very popular and fortunately very close to my place is Fukushimagata wetland in Niigata. Fukushimagata has a tower made in a circular shape, interesting in its architecture. This tower serves the purpose of the sunrise view point. Fukushimagata which is one of the renowned wetlands in Japan is a popular tourist destination as well. Depending on the season, it exhibits beautiful mustard field, lotus blooms and is a bird watching site as well. Any time you go there, you will be able to catch up with the crowd of professional photographers ready for that perfect shot with their huge cameras.In summers, I usually go this place with my husband to view the brilliant sunrise and try to capture some pictures. The place is serene specially in early mornings when you hear the chirping birds and smell the freshness of air during the sunrise. Watching the sun peep through the sky in the east and then gradually making its way higher up in the sky with the lapse of time is something so impressive to watch.I hold my husband’s hand as I watch this and the peace that prevails in the entire area is just hard to describe in words. It is the beauty of the place and the presence of your special one that freezes the time for a moment. Isn’t this romantic?

As in the Novels, Niigata's Romantic Sunrise and Sunset !! photo

Pic. Sun Rise in the Fukushimagata Park observed from the Tower

Well, winter is not the best time to go and watch sunrise yet you will not regret. At only this time of the year, you will be fully welcomed by the big migratory swans that resides in the wetlands. If you love birds, this is one of the best time to go. It will definitely be chilled outside but if are dressed up warm in a fine morning, you will get to rejoice the every bit of bliss.

2.Watching Sunset by the Japan Sea

Niigata, being the port city, drive along the sea line is an important thing to experience. Niigata has lots of beautiful beaches that have their own distinguishing features. Somewhere it is more of the sea beach facilities that make them appealing for visitors i.e.cafe, restaurants etc. To me wilderness is better when it comes to nature. More the nature is explored, it becomes less attractive. That is why I love to go to beaches relatively peaceful and relatively less explored. One of my favorite is Murakami beach in Niigata for the best of the waters it has. In a fine day in summer, you will be able to behold the blue sea with the crystal clear water. However, to me sea is the best during the evening. The tides in the evening with waves hitting the sand on the beach and the sound of the roaring sea makes the atmosphere absolutely romantic. During the summers, I love to spend evenings watching sunset by the sea with my husband.

As in the Novels, Niigata's Romantic Sunrise and Sunset !! photo

Pic. Sunset view in Japan Sea, Niigata

A long walk in the beach barefoot and the touch of the sand on my feet makes an ordinary evening very special. The reddening of the horizon and the golden clouds during the sunset looks like a magnificent piece of painting. The red fire like sun just before it waves good bye for until next morning gives a strong hope of the new beginning to happen soon. If I have my camera with me I will not fail to take at least hundred picture because every moment is unique as the sun begins to set. Sometimes you still get the sight of those surfers who aren’t yet done. As the evening scene sets in, you usually find yourself in the distant company of other couples coming to the beach to see the sunset. No matter the number of people, the sunset in the beach is truly tranquil that words cannot dare to express. I originally coming from a landlocked country, firmly believe that to be born in this port city of Niigata is such a novelty.



I am Babina Kharel living in Niigata, Japan. I come originally from Nepal but I am a permanent resident of Canada. I am currently living in Japan with my wonderful husband.