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My favorite three eat out chain restaurants !!

Once again sharing the yummy experience !! I am such a foodie that when it comes to sharing food posts, I can think of so many topics. My bucket list of my favorites does not stop anywhere. Japan is a great place to eat out. I do not find eating out very expensive in Japan but obviously it depends on where you are eating. Let me share my top three eat out restaurants in a budget. All of these are probably available in your localities as well.  

1.Kappa Sushi :

When I first came to Japan, my first Sushi lunch was at Kappa. I am talking about the year 2011 and I don’t think the price of sushi in this place has gone up since then. A plate of sushi costs you 108 Yen. What I mostly like about this place is the way sushi comes along in the moving belt and you get to see the stuff before you order. Sometimes, when you order a food by its name and when it arrives you don’t wanna try that. So, this layout allows you to make a thoughtful choice. It is user friendly fast food where the entry monitors have menu in English so someone with bad Nihongo can also make an order. I love the way the order arrives in the little bullet train and beeps in front of your seating to notify that the order is in. The other thing I like in this restaurant is the green tea is served for free. You only need to fetch hot water from the running tap in your table and mix the instant green tea powder to it. Finally, I love the ginger side dish ( Chukemono) that goes with Sushi. You don’t need to order this, this is also already waiting for you in the table. My favorite Sushi in this place is the Salmon Avocado one but I also like other varieties like the one with corn and Mayo. Japanese people have so many different varieties of sushi. Eating Sushi out of Japan is never the same. I have also been to other Sushi restaurants in Japan , more sophisticated and costlier one. But, for some reason I find Kappa a good place for a quick lunch in a reasonable price.  


Out of Italian restaurants, I prefer going to Saizeriya if I am craving pizza or pasta. The advantage of this restaurant chain is that they are located in any province in abundance. So, if you are planning to eat in Saizeriya, your drive will usually not be that long. What I adore the most about this place is they have a very good balance of salt and spice in their food. I find their food fresh and healthy and may be so because being a busy chain restaurant they are able to sell off promptly.I sometimes also order their rice and chicken combo which is of perfect size for a lunch. The chicken is topped with garlic, onion paste that gives a strong aroma to the food. I love it that way. Also the fried potato that comes with this order is awesome and goes very well with the soy dip they bring in with this order. I have found that Saizeriya is more of a family restaurant so you will be able to find drinks bar for kids. In overall , the restaurant is pretty child friendly which you can tell from the service in the restaurant.

3.Big Boy:

Finally, when I am committed to eat something really healthy and green or I am motivated to lose weight, I end up eating at Big Boy.The most appealing part of Big Boy is its Soup and Salad Bar. Usually buying green vegetables in Japan is very costly and specially in winters, the prices can give you a shock. So when there is day, I feel like eating all the greens available, I hop into Big Boy. Soup bar usually has the wide collection including options like chicken egg drop soup, corn soup or sometimes Japanese curry. If this is the choice I have, I get myself the creamy corn soup with that smooth texture which melts in your mouth. Salad bar is fully stuffed with green collections but also adding fruits to them. Pineapple slices,jack fruit and melons are usually there. They also have pasta salad, Russian salad and Japanese style salads in the court. Apart from the soup and salad bar that attracts many people to this restaurant, their burgers and steaks in the regular order are also very delicious. Big Boy is a little more expensive than, for example Saizeriya, but totally worth the price.

Let me know if you have been to these places and what do you think about them?

Are they not totally worth for the price they charge?

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Oooh, for me I can't decide between Saizeriya and Gusto! I feel like Gusto might be a shade cheaper, but I really like the pizzas in Saizeriya.


Saizeriya is a good one. COCO's is nice too, but a bit more expensive.
For sushi you could also try Sushiro.
Maybe for Big Boy we could say Bikkuri Donki is similar.


@Tomuu Yeah, I also like Gusto. Pizza as you said is better in Saizeriya.


@SalarymanJim I am not sure if I have seen sushiro here in Niigata. Need to find out and try someday.


@Tomuu interesting; I would have thought it is the other way around - Saizeriya cheaper? I will have to pay more attention the next time I am in either. :-) Saizeriya is my go-to place with my friend who is Muslim for Halal pizza.

I have only been to Kappa Sushi once in my 16 years here! I love sushi so I prefer a traditional type restaurant for my sushi, but I must try kappa sushi again.


@Saitama , you should try Sushi at Kappa again. Specially in winter their food is even better.


@Saitama , you should try Sushi at Kappa again. Specially in winter their food is even better.



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