Oct 8, 2017

Tokyo Bay Aqua Line

The 4th longest underwater tunnel in the world is situated in Japan - the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line. It connects Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture and Kisarazu in Chiba Prefecture. At the point before you enter the tunnel there is an artificial island where you can find some stuff. There are also restaurants, shops and even an amusement facilities so that if you decided to take a break first before continuing your journey you can take some rest here. Aside from the shops, you can also find some good spots to take some photos at the middle of the sea.

Tokyo Bay Aqua Line photo

There's also an information where you can find one of the actual tool drill which was used in digging the tunnel. It is written in both English and Japanese, so less worry. You can also take peek at the middle of the sea using the telescope which will be operate upon dropping 100 yen to its coin slot. From the telescope you can find the some great views like the windmills and even the ferris wheel in Odaiba.

Tokyo Bay Aqua Line photo

The giant drill!

Next time you visit Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, drop by here and take a look from the middle of the sea.

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