Higashi-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata

Fruit sando specialty store



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Minami-Tama Station

Inagi-shi, Tokyo

My southway station



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Galveston Club

Chuo-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata

Restaurant meets coffee shop



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What shampoo brand do you recommend for dandruff?

I have been dealing with this dandruff situation for quite a while now and I still can't seem to figure out how to get rid of this problem. I have tried several shampoo brands/products like head and shoulders, ANGFA organic shampoo and the Honey Deep Moist Shampoo. And none of them worked so far. Some say it's because of hot shower. Well I do shower every day, but I don't use hot shower all the time. I rinse my hair thoroughly after applying shampoo and conditioner. I also tried applying shampoo every other day just to make my hair less dry but I still none of those tricks are working. If there is a product that you recommend that suits every man's budget then I would appreciate it so much.


on Jun 15

7 Answers

Theme post ideas?

So far in June, we haven't seen theme posts.... I'm thinking about some theme posts. One big one is, "What brought you to Japan?" That would be a fruitful one, I'd imagine. Another is regional cuisine. We City Cost correspondents are scattered all over Japan. We likely get to indulge in local dishes and prepare them at home, too. I'd love to know more. The prefecture in which I live, Chiba, has some variants of traditional foods and I'd be happy to share what I have discovered and get some motivation to try some I haven't yet. What about a theme on foreign-owned small proprietors? The population of foreign residents continues to grow and along with that, businesses that serve them. I'd love to know more. How about a rainy season theme? It's not my favorite time of year, but there is no better way to cope than getting out and seeing places that spring to life in the rain.


on Jun 6

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Favorite mosquito repellent products?

It's rice planting season which means our local fields are all filled with water -- a.k.a. the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. My son is super susceptible to bug bites and his skin swells up quite a bit when they attack him. When they were younger I'd use the cute mosquito repellent stickers and bracelets that you can get from places like Nishimatsuya, but now that they're older I'd like to get something a bit more suitable for the whole family. Do you have any recommendations for insect repellent body sprays/mists/gels that have worked well for you? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


on May 25

8 Answers

What are the must-sees in your prefecture (beyond the big three)?

Sustainable tourism is a hot topic that some City Cost members have covered in their blogs. For those correspondents outside the Big Three - Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka - what do you recommend visitors must see in your prefecture? My home base is Chiba Prefecture. I highly recommend visitors check out Narita Omotesando to connect with Edo's past and visit Shinshoji to get a sense of the history of Japan. The adjacent city, Sakura, is another I recommend for the National History Museum and Edo to Taisho era streetscapes.


on May 5


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