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How to prepare for Spring in Japan?

Spring in JAPAN!Finally the spring has arrived in Japan with the sakura blooming everywhere. Most of the foreigners like the spring of Japan. But have you prepared to celebrate it effectively? Here is some good tips for the foreigners:1. First of all, you have to wear the spring fashion dress. Mostly the light color dress are considered as spring dress in Japan.2. Use light bags.3. Use light shoes.4. Eat 'Haru Yasai".5. Do not wear heavy dress anymore (Winter is over!)6. Well, you have to use umbrella sometimes but not like rainy season or hotted summer. So use light umbrella.7. Start outing and outdoor activities including lunch at outside of your dining room.8. Change your hairstyle as spring comes.9. Prepare for the coming summer and ready to go to beach.10. Finally, try to reduce your body weight at least 2kg/month from now to Summer!

How to avoid mosquito bite?

Its summer in Japan and it also time for spreading of various mosquito and insects. IT is very difficult to avoid the bite of the insects and the mosquito. Whole nation was in the condition of the "worried" last year summer due to the dengue fever by mosquito bites. SO be careful. Please be safe from mosquito bite if you go to outside. Please take a good care. Use full sleeve dress for outing. Use socks to avoid bites.

Do you have Japanese friend?

If I ask you do you have any Japanese friend? Most of the foreigners who live in Japan more than 5 years will reply "NO". Its amazing thing, isnt it? But why? "My loneliness is killing me"..the most common dialogue here? The answer is to be as friendly as possible with the Japanese people. No matter you are not good at Nihongo. The approach is the main thing. Some are shy but gradually you can become friendly.So start today and make many friends and you will be no more in the lonely planet!  

"Mushi Atsuii" What to do?? Summer!!

Its the starting of Summer. The summer is hot and humid in Japan. So we have to take special care of ourselves. We should not neglect the heat of the summer.  Here are the things what to do during the heat:1. Take as much water as you can during the day time.2. Use comfortable cloths. Preferably the cotton one.3. Try to use cool biz dress for office.4. Use Cold pack in the shoulder.5. Eat Ice cream.6. Enjoy the nature near the sea or the water bodies.7. Do not eat too much tempura or deep fries.8. Eat vegetables a lot and spice.9. Eat green chili to remove the toxicity from your body.10. Take shower twice a day.

The top reasons why your Nihongo level is not up to the mark.

Its your attitude to Nihongo. If you like and become interested then its a matter of 3 months you will understand the trick. To become good in Nihongo you have to like and love it. You have to dream it . Listening, speaking,reading and finally writing.Only 2 or 3 of them can make you perfect soon. So choose the 2 from the 4 and focus on those. Just focus carefully according to your interest.Your attitude not to make a Japanese friend is another drawbacks. make friend even you are not good at nihongo. Use body language.

How to be good at Japanese Culture?

Its a matter of practice. When you are in Japan, be like a Japanese! So the main thing is to become more polite when you talk with other people. Bow your head during greetings is another must do thing in Japan. Its quite amazing that all the Japanese people are so polite as this is the first lesson they learnt from the elementary school. Try to take green tea. I know many of the western people do not like Green tea but you have to be used to of green tea as it is the must do culture in Japan. Try to like the smell of Tatami room. Yes, I know many of you do not like it but you must praise the smell of a new tatami room. Smell of a new house is another thing you have to praise. Whenever, you enter a room , do not forget to open your shoes and put it outside the room. If you want to enjoy the Onsen (hot spring), you have to be remove all of your wearings. Its hard but try to eat miso soup and fermented beans. Use the formal dress whenever you will attend office or wedding ceremony or funeral. Do not use the horn of your car! Do not change the lanes of the road. The most important thing, always keep smiling even you are not happy in your heart but show the smiley face to the outer world.

Do you Remember the Ethics of taking Food with a Japanese friend?

The Japanese people used to maintain their culture very much whenever it comes for the food . They must do the pray "Itadakimasu" before starting the food. Then they hold the bowl of rice in one hand and raised upto the mouth. The chop stick will be used to eat by the other hand. The thing which is important is that the manner of table is totally different from the western table manner . So be careful! The Japanese people used to take soup with a means you are appreciating the food is tasty. Dont forget to say "Oishii" even the food tastes different and you are not really like. Praise the volume of the food. DO NOT left over any food! Its like a crime! God will dissatisfy with you if you leave some food! And finally say thanks to God for the delicious food He provides for you.


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