Sep 24, 2018

Let's drink a Chocolate Cake!

Some months ago I tried the drinkable shortcake drink which was really not good - read more here. When I now saw a drinkable chocolate cake inside the vending machine of our station I was hesitating what I should do. Try it out or keep away from it?

Let's drink a Chocolate Cake! photo

Luckily my curiosity was bigger and so I spent the 150 yen to give this drink a try. I kept in the fridge until drinking and shaked it for a long time before opening. It looked very creamy on top. 

Let's drink a Chocolate Cake! photo

The first sip was pretty sweet and filled with chocolate taste. It felt like a really deep cocoa. It was not bad, but quite strong. After drinking half I mixed the rest with milk and so it got perfect for me.

I liked this drink, however, it was also nothing really special besides its lable saying that it is drinkable chocolate cake with Belgian chocolate.  



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