Jan 5, 2019

Lucky Bags 2019 – Rilakkuma Edition

Ready for the second part of my Fukubukuro Shopping? Next to Pokemon Fukubukuro my husband and I also bought Rilakkuma Lucky Bags, because we are huge fan of the cute bear. Unfortunately SanX is not selling official bags at the Rilakkuma Stores, so we had to find some alternatives. 

Lucky Bags 2019 – Rilakkuma Edition photo

Our main Fukubukuro we bought online on Rakuten there they actually offer many things. The bag arrived quite early, already before Christmas and so it felt more like a Christmas present than a New Year's lucky bag. 

The bag costs 5,400 Yen + shipping what made up about 6,000 Yen. Inside we found many cute things including two pillows, a blanket, an interesting bag which can change size, three small towels, two pairs of home shoes and two cups.

Lucky Bags 2019 – Rilakkuma Edition photo

I liked the things inside, but I would really love to get an official bag with stuff from the Rilakkuma store itself. Maybe they are offering someday.

Together with my husband I made an unboxing video. Feel free to take a look ♥

When looking around out AEON I found another corner with Fukubukuro. I got interested in a character lucky bag for 1,080 yen, which was advertised with SanX plushtoys. Luckily there was noone around and I could spent some time to feel which bag has a Rilakkuma inside.

I opened the bag at home and was pretty happy with it. Inside was a Rilakkuma plush toy I wanted some time ago, but didn't buy because it was quite expensive for over 2,000 yen. Now I got it for the half price and some other nice things with it. This includes a Rilakkuma notebook, a small notepad, eraser and different pencils and pens. I also like the small Coronyan plush and probably gonna give the stuff of the other SanX characters to some friends. 

Lucky Bags 2019 – Rilakkuma Edition photo

Do you have any favorite character you would like to have a Fukubukuro from?



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  • kalynn

    on Jan 25

    I wish I knew beforehand that you could get these types of bags on Rakuten! I love Rilakkuma too. ^^ Maybe next year!

  • YokoLostinJapan

    on Jan 27

    @kalynn You should take a look on Rakuten around the beginning of December if you want to get one (^^)