Jan 4, 2019

Lucky Bags 2019 – Pokemon Edition

Ever since I visited Japan for the first time for New Year 2010/11 I was interested in the hype about the Japanese Lucky Bags, called Fukubukuro (福袋). My obsession stayed over the years and the Fukubukuro Sale is something I look forward every year.  

Lucky Bags 2019 – Pokemon Edition photo

Even if the bags I am buying changing a bit from year to year, because there are always new interesting things I learn about, there is one fukubukuro that I wanted to get again in 2019, too: the one from Pokemon Center.

Last year, my husband was lining up for it at the Pokemon Center in Yokohama from 7:30 a.m. and he was lucky to get one of the last bags (I was lining up at the Ghibli Store during this time). This year, I was luckier, because I was able to get one bag at the online pre-sale which was taking place around the middle of December. The bags were sold out there within about 2 hours.

The Pokemon Center Lucky Bag costs 4,000 yen – I additionally had to pay shipping – and has a lot of merchandise inside. One is a big plush toy. I got a hug and fluffy Eevee! And some other small plush toys, a huge laundry basket, a Flareon cape and many, many notebooks. The goods inside are quite nice, but I liked last year’s bag a bit more.

Lucky Bags 2019 – Pokemon Edition photo

The Pokemon Center is not the only place to get Pokemon related fukubukuro this year. Mister Donut also has a Pokemon collaboration and is selling cute lucky bags with lovely goods. They actually already started selling them on December 26th and they were sold out quickly. However, they had another sale on January 1st.

At Mister Donuts you could choose between three different price categories:

1,080 yen – 2,160 yen – 3,240 yen

Lucky Bags 2019 – Pokemon Edition photo

The goods inside were different for all the bags and there were even two designs for each thing. I really love the blanket, because it is so soft!

My 1,080 yen bag:

Lucky Bags 2019 – Pokemon Edition photo

My 2,160 yen bag:
Lucky Bags 2019 – Pokemon Edition photo

Next to the Pokemon goods you also got coupon cards for donuts, valid until March 31st. I am looking forward to eating all the sweets!

I made a video about opening my Pokemon Fukubukuro for my YouTube channel. It is in German, but includes English subtitles. Feel free to take a look there, too! (^w^)



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