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Shinagawa Aquarium Park - Tokyo, Japan! Great Show!!!

Check out my video below to see what the dolphin show is like at Shinagawa Aqua Park!

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Enjoyed this.
Actually, this lead me to a vid on your YouTube channel about surfing in Onjuku. Looks like you scored a nice swell. You're from Florida, right? How do the waves compare over here?


@Tomuu Thanks for checking out my video. Yeah, I'm from Florida. The waves were really fun that day at Onjuku but I really wanted to surf Hebara Point. Florida get really good waves in the winter time but some winters are terrible while others are good. The water is beautiful in south Florida. That's probably the main difference. I've surfer half a dozen times since I've here. Just surfed in Niigata last week. Small but fun. Video on Youtube coming soon. Looking forward to more days in the water. How about you?


@SurferDan I live in Chiba and surf Kujukurihama most of the time. It's a pretty reliable spot and the easiest place for me to drive to. It's stingray season there at the moment, so you have to be careful when you're in the shallows and get your board asap.
Niigata sounds cool. Not somewhere I associate with surf. I'm guessing there were only a few people out.



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