Jan 12, 2018

Black Squid Ink Cup Noodles...... uhhh

Cup noodles come in all sizes and colours. Red for spicy, white for milk, yellow for curry, green for green tea, and now I have tried another that is, black for squid ink.

While you wonder what squid ink flav anything would be, it's actually a squid ink seafood cup noodle, so the base is the usual seafood flavour. What makes it apart is, of course, the package of squid ink that you would add into the product.

A quick sniff told me that the noodles would taste the same as the seafood cup, but once I added the squid ink and mixed it up, there was a strange aroma coming out from it, so I dug in...

Um....... I felt like I was tasting plastic. It felt like there was just a stale taste as if the noodles were covered in a light coating of wax or something, and I think that was the squid ink. Simply said, I felt like the squid ink ruined what would have been a standard tasting cup noodle.

This is one to pass on. The green tea cup noodle was much better in comparison.