Mar 5, 2017

Milk Cup Noodles (and how to make your own)

You may have seen this little guy around in supermarkets and convenient stores. The milk seafood ramen is one of the most popular ones in their line of products, and the taste is surprisingly good.

Milk Cup Noodles (and how to make your own) photo

In fact, this started quite a craze in Japan that people started making their own version of milk cup noodles, and you can easily do it too by following some simple instructions:

1. get a cup noodle of your choice (seafood is ideal, but other flavours like shoyu are fun to experiment with too)

2. instead of water, boil milk instead

3. put the milk in and wait 3 mins as you would with water

4. enjoy!

Quick and simple, and it comes out even creamier than this! The noodles soak up the milk and the outcome is wonderful. If you're cheap on the price of milk, you can do half-half instead and the result is still pretty decent.

Give it a try next time!~