Feb 14, 2017

Happy Hearts Day


Love is in the air every time but it rises even more in the month of February which is known as Love Month. One of the best feeling in this life is to give love and be loved. Loving is not just between man and a woman, but for everybody. In some countries it is a practice that the man was the one giving presents to the woman like flowers and chocolates. Way back when I was in school, valentines was one of the most awaited celebration especially if you had a partner. To those single ladies it was kind of exciting whether there will be someone to give you presents or not.

It ‘s my first Valentines here in Japan and second time to celebrate with my husband for five years of being a couple. I was kind of excited if what will be his gift to me as he used to do before but to my surprised he asked me back if what would be my gift for him. I felt like “You serious? Your asking me for a gift?” followed by so many dramas of mine and locked up myself in our room. Being confused on his statements I do a research regarding the celebration of valentines here and only to find out that its really us girls are the one who gonna give gifts to them. It was said that it’s the time for woman to express their feelings like appreciation, adoration or love towards man.

On valentine the most in demand for a gift was chocolates and flowers. Chocolates is one of girls favorites especially on treating our sweet tooth and who wouldn’t be proud if someone will give you a bunch of flowers right, the reason why we’re excited on this. But because it will be my first experience to make a first move I want it to be different from usual gift. I remembered in my art subject before, our teacher would let us make a card for our parents. As I handed it to them, I felt being appreciated when I saw happiness in their eyes. The same feeling covers me when I was able to received the same act of giving from my nephews and nieces. It’s overwhelming knowing that they exerted an extra time and effort to show their love to us. I guess it will be a perfect present to my husband too(mind you I’m really on budget) Aside from not being to costly, you can put up a design which your heart desires together with a sweet note. Giving a gift doesn’t mean that it should be expensive (but for those who can afford, go for it) because what our love ones appreciates most was the thought behind it.  

Celebrating a hearts days should not end there, because LOVE is a continuous process. It should grow everyday and spread to everyone. But anyways, I’m still waiting for your sweet revenge this coming March 14,(White Day). Spread Love not Hate!!Happy Valentines Japan!! 



Full-time mom from PH,