Mar 22, 2017

Is it Sakura or Ume?

What makes Japan more beautiful aside from its people is the essence of flowers that scattered everywhere. These colorful creatures caught my attention on my way home from the airport. You can see different kinds and varieties of flower depending on its season.

 As of now Winter is about to end and Spring is on the way, everybody is excited to see the famous Cherry Blossoms especially the tourist. As I got here I keep looking and asking my husband which one is Sakura (Japanese name for Cherry Blossom). He patiently answers my question every time I asked because I had a hard time on identifying whether it is Sakura (Cherry Blossom) or Ume (Japanese Plum).

Ume ( Japanese plum) is everywhere around February to March and I can see it everyday just next to our house or everytime I passed on streets and neighbors backyard. Ume has a strong sweet fragrance, with 5 round shape petals, the flower usually blooms with single bud directly to the branch. I have seen that Ume has a variety of color like light pink to dark,white and green.

I was able to see the early bloom of Sakura (Cherry Blossom) just close to our house a few days ago. I was amazed by the look of it to think that its only one tree how much more if I was surrounded by that well known flower. As I take a closer look, Sakura also had a 5 oval shape petals, unlike Ume it has a split at the end of its petals, and with a very light fragrance. Sakura usually blooms with multiple flower on the same bud. Other way to identify Sakura is the horizontal line on its bark which Ume don’t have. 



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