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How much does it cost from Tokyo to Yokohama by train?

How much does it cost from Tokyo to Yokohama by train? photo

 Getting from Tokyo to Yokohama is a breeze (like the ocean ones that invigorate the city), connected as it is to the capital by numerous train lines. If there is quandary to be had, it might be choosing the best, the quickest or cheapest. Here we take a look at these Tokyo to Yokohama trains and compare how much they cost and how much time they take.

Depending on who you ask, Yokohama is either the second largest city in Japan or the third (after Osaka).  Anyway, as the age old innuendo goes, 'size doesn't always matter'.  In the case of Yokohama it really doesn't, which is good because in this regard it pales in comparison to Tokyo, only a stone's throw to the north.  No, Yokohama more than holds its own against any city in Japan.  For the expat this maritime metropolis might hold special appeal as Yokohama is about as cosmopolitan a place as one can find in Japan.  Coming to Yokohama can make you feel a little closer to home with its links to sea faring routes, Japan's largest Chinatown, countless 'gaijin' pubs, old Western-style buildings, and constant reminders to past traders, diplomats, missionaries, and adventurers who passed through town. (In fact, some of them didn't leave.)

First of all, which part of Yokohama are we going to?

One could make the case that there are three main train transport / departure / arrival hubs in Yokohama: Yokohama Station, Shin-Yokohama, and Sakuragicho

Yokohama Station:  Come here for booming chaos, massive department store shopping, myriad dining options, and debauched nightlife.

Shin-Yokohama:  Come here for, well, because this is where the Shinkansen stop or because you're in so much of a rush from Tokyo that only the Shinkansen can get to Yokohama fast enough.  Shin-Yokohama is also the station you'll need to access the famed Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, and the Nissan Stadium, home to the soccer team Yokohama F. Marinos and also host to international soccer matches.

Sakuragicho:  Come here for, well, everything else.  World-class sightseeing, Landmark Tower, Minato Mirai attractions, Red Brick Warehouse, posh hotels, convention centers, bay side walks, a theme park, walks to Chinatown, the baseball stadium and a whole bunch more. 

Plan your assault on Yokohama from two bases in Tokyo

How much does it cost from Tokyo to Yokohama by train? photo

At last count there are seven train lines heading out of Tokyo plugging travellers directly into Yokohama. All of these lines come out of either Shibuya or Shinagawa Stations.  Of those that have departures from Shinagawa Station all but one of them also depart from Tokyo Station - the Keikyu Keihinkyuko Line. 

Trains from Shibuya to Yokohama Station

Two lines: JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line / Tokyu Toyoko/Minatomirai Line

Cheapest: Tokyu Toyoko/Minatomirai Line

Quickest: Both around the same

Earliest departure: Tokyu Toyoko/Minatomirai - 5:00

Last (direct) departure for Shibuya: Tokyu Toyoko/Minatomirai - 00:23 / arrives Shibuya 01:02

JR Shonan-Shinjuku27 mins390
Tokyu Toyoko/Minatomirai Line (Limited Express)25 -30 mins270


The JR Shonan-Shinjuku has a 'green car' option (for individual seating) which will see the cost rise to 1,160 yen.

The Tokyu Toyoko/Minatomirai Line is actually the Tokyu Toyoko Line until Yokohama Station after which it becomes the Minatomirai Line making stops at Minato Mirai and Motomachi-Chukagai.  The Tokyu Toyoko/Minatomirai Line has a 'local' option.  Costs from Tokyo to Yokohama are the same but the journey takes around 40 mins.

Trains from Shibuya to Sakuragicho Station

Departure LineTimeCostTransfer at Yokohama Stn to ..
JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line35-40 min470

JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line Local,

JR Yokohama Line Local

Tokyu Toyoko/Minatomirai Line Ltd. Exp. 45 min480Yokohama City Subway Blue Line

Trains from Shinagawa to Yokohama

Lines: JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line / JR Tokaido Line / JR Yokosuka Line / Keikyu Main Line Ltd. Exp.

Cheapest: Aside from the Keikyu Main Line Ltd. Exp., all lines are 290 yen

Quickest: Not much to distinguish any of the lines but the JR Tokaido Line just shades it

Earliest departure: JR Tokaido Line - 04:35

Last (direct) departure for Shinagawa:  JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line Local - 00:18 / arrives Shinagawa 00:46

JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line~ 26 min290
JR Tokaido Line~ 19 min290
JR Yokosuka Line~ 23 min290
Keikyu Main Line Ltd. Exp.~ 25 min300


Both the JR Tokaido Line and JR Yokosuka Line have 'green car' options that will make journey costs from Tokyo to Yokohama 1,060 yen.  Of the above, the JR Yokosuka Line is the only one that doesn't make a stop at Kawasaki before Yokohama.

At Shinagawa Station you might see the Limited Express Narita Express picking up passengers.  This train comes all the way from Narita Airport and does stop in Yokohama but it requires a reserved seat which is not worth it for the price.  It doesn't get you to Yokohama any faster.

Trains from Shinagawa to Sakuragicho

The JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line comes into its own here, traveling directly between the two stations. Other options will require a change at Yokohama Station.  The most convenient transfer seems to be to the JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line, but the JR Yokohama Line Local and the Yokohama City Subway Blue Line are other options.  We detail some routes and how much they cost below.

Departure LineTimeCostTransfer at Yokohama Stn to ..
JR Yokosuka Line30 min390JR Yokohama Line Local
Keikyu Main Line Rapid Ltd. Exp.25 min440JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line Rapid
JR Tokaido Line Rapid Acty30 min500Yokohama City Subway Blue Line
JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line Rapid29 min390n/a

Shinkansen from Tokyo to Yokohama

Tōhoku Shinkansen, which run between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka, make stops at Shin-Yokohama.  You can get on any train for this, be it Nozomi, Kodama or Hikari.  Journey times are the same although costs differ slightly.

Tōhoku Shinkansen start their runs to Shin-Osaka from Tokyo Station, but as we've been using Shinagawa as our base for assaults on Yokohama so far, we'll continue to make our departures from there.  From Shinagawa to Shin-Yokohama it takes 11 mins.  From Tokyo, journey times to Shin-Yokohama are a little longer at just under 20 mins.

Earliest departure for Shin-Yokohama: Nozomi - 6:00

Last Shinkansen departure for Shinagawa: Nozomi - 23:28 / arrives Shinagawa - 23:38

Train TypeUnreservedReservedGreen Seat

Two lines run between Shin-Yokohama and Yokohama stations:

Yokohama City Subway Blue Line: Fares - 240 yen / Times - 11 mins

JR Yokohama Line Local : Fares - 170 yen / Times - 13 mins


Does it seem odd to be taking the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Yokohama?  Well, a little, yes.  And certainly, given how long it takes to get from Shin-Yokohama into the center of town (not to mention how much the Shinkansen costs), there seems little point in using this method.  Still, the services are there for those who want to use them, and probably most of those that do have it as a section of longer routes covered by a fixed-term commuting pass which has likely been purchased on the company's coffers.

Yokohama from Tokyo airports

How much does it cost from Tokyo to Yokohama by train? photo

Haneda Airport (International Terminal) to Yokohama Station

Simple enough.  Keikyu Airport Express trains travel directly to Yokohama Station: Fares - 450 yen / Times - ~ 25 mins

Last train from Haneda to Yokohama: looks to be at 00:23 arriving 00:44, but it will require a transfer:

Haneda Airport International Terminal - (Keikyu Airport Line) - Keikyu Kamata - (Keikyu Main Line Ltd. Exp.) - Yokohama

Narita Airport (Terminal 1) to Yokohama Station

There is a direct option, the Limited Express Narita Express. 

TimeReserved SeatGreen Seat
1 hr 30 mins4,2905,830

A cheaper option from Narita to Yokohama would be to go via Ueno using the Keisei Skyliner:  Fares - 3,020 yen / Times - 1 hr 36 mins

Narita T1 - (Keisei Skyliner) - Keisei Ueno - (walk) - Ueno - (JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line Rapid) - Yokohama

Last train from Narita Airport to Yokohama: departing 22:49 / arriving 00:39

Narita T1 - (Keisei Narita Sky Access Exp.) - Nippori - (JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line Local) - Yokohama

Do you know how much it costs to get from Tokyo to Yokohama by train?  Which services do you find most convenient for travel between the two cities ?  Any cost-cutting tips for the journey? Let us know in the comments.

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