Tokyo City Keiba "Twinkle Races"


Tokyo's city lights add a new dimension to the thrill of horse racing

Tokyo City Keiba, a horse racing track in central Tokyo, adds a new dimension to the horse-racing experience through “Twinkle Races” - races held well into the evening when the lights of Tokyo lend an extra energy to the action on the track and the excitement in the stands.

Tokyo City Keiba was the first track in Japan to give visitors the chance to experience the action of horse races in the evening. And what action! At this location in the heart of Tokyo you can take in the races from a number of vantage points.  

Perhaps you want to be trackside by the finish line where you can almost feel the pounding of the horses hooves. Maybe you’d like to be in one of the huge stands sharing in the excitement with the locals. Or perhaps you’d prefer the creature comforts of a lofty seat indoors, with a drink in hand and the track scene spreading out before you. 

Whatever your image of the horse racing experience, at Tokyo City Keiba, you’ll probably be as right as you are wrong. The variety of ways to take in the races here reflects the variety of experience that is ready to welcome you, day or night.

Keep it casual with a few friends, a few bets, and some hearty food and drink. Or, get dressed up for a date and enjoy the races over fine-dining with someone special. It’s all here and there’s plenty more entertainment besides with Tokyo City Keiba set to switch on an illumination display this year using some 8 million lights, the largest of its kind in Kanto. 

Of course, this all depends on whether or not you can take your eyes off the action on the track!

Learn more about the illumination display here.

New to the races? No worries!

Amidst the excitement of the races and the buzz of the crowds, the newcomer to the horse racing experience might worry about feeling overwhelmed. But worry not!  

Tokyo City Keiba has plenty of support on hand to guide you through the experience, from touch-screen, multi-language track information points, guidebooks and race programs, to a Beginners Counter where staff can answer your questions in English, all set in a facility that is user-friendly, modern, and welcoming. 

When it comes to placing bets, instruction is available on how to fill-out cards, and ticket machines make the process quick and easy, especially when it’s time to collect your winnings!  

And with race bets starting from just 100 yen, you really don’t need to be a high-roller to feel part of the action at Tokyo City Keiba.

Learn how to purchase betting tickets here.

in the heart of tokyo

Access to Tokyo City Keiba couldn’t be easier. Just a short distance from Oikeibajo-mae Station on the Tokyo Monorail, visitors to the race track have quick access to major Tokyo train stations and Haneda Airport.

When you arrive at Oikeibajo-mae Station, just follow the crowds, and at night, the twinkling lights!

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