Dec 6, 2015

Tips for Riding Japan's City Buses

Tips for Riding Japan's City Buses photo
You can take the train or subway to the vast majority of places in Japan, but depending on where you go and/or if you end up working in Japan, you may have to use the bus at some point.  For example, if you're in Naha (Okinawa), you have to take a bus to get to Ryukyumura, which is definitely a MUST if you're in Naha! :D  You can also see how taking the bus is also the easiest and cheapest way to see Kyoto.

Anyway, depending on where you're from, the bus system may be a little different and of course, there's the language barrier.

I wrote a quick step-by-step guide for riding Japan's local buses on my blog, Trekking with Becky, with Japanese phrases that you may need - http://www.trekkingwithbecky.com/a-quick-guide-to-riding-japans-city-buses/

As always, give me a shout if you have any questions! :D  

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