Mar 6, 2016

Traditional Japanese Puppetry

Traditional Japanese Puppetry photo
Traditional Japanese puppetry isn't as popular or easily visible as other parts of Japanese history and culture, such as samurai, geisha/maiko, anime, etc.

However, there is so much detail and history behind it like everything else in Japan.  When I went to Tokushima, I went to a puppet theatre and museum called Jurobe Yashiki.  I learned so much!  Kids who are old enough will also learn a great deal as well and really appreciate it.  

I don't want to give away too much, but you can learn all about how the puppets work, and you can take in a free show while you're there.  They have one free show every day, but on weekends and national holidays, there's an extra performance.

Check out my latest blog post about it for more photos, details, and access info.  I highly recommend it.  It's the only place in Japan that I've seen like this.

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