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Do You Know What a CORNER Room Is?

If you've stayed in a Japanese hotel, you've most likely noticed how small the rooms are. When I went to Okinawa, I discovered small accommodations on a whole new level - a corner room!

When I saw that it was a corner room when I was making the reservation, I just thought that it was the last room at the end of the hall closest to the emergency exit.

Boy, was I wrong!

The bed was up on a loft above the bathroom, there was no space even for a chair, and no living space.  You could sit at a floor desk where there's a drop for your legs so it's as if you're sitting in a chair, but it's not exactly comfortable.

Anyway, it was cheap since it was a corner room, and it was okay since it was temporary and I was only there to sleep, shower, and relax a bit.

Check out the review I wrote for more details and photos -

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