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Before I registered for AirBnB, I always found the cheapest hotels.  In Japan, the cheapest hotels are still clean and safe, but they're usually not that cheap.

I had the cheapest hotel in Sapporo that I could find all booked, but I'm so glad that I checked out AirBnB!  I landed up paying HALF of what the hotel would have cost.  Thankfully, has a GREAT cancellation can get a full refund if you cancel before the 24-hour mark to check-in.

Anyway, there's no such thing as perfection when you're on a budget, but this Sapporo AirBnB location is your best bet if you're tight on funds with the travel bug.  I just wrote a post about it and published it earlier today - - and you can get a discount toward your first AirBnB stay if you sign up for AirBnB through my link in my post. :D

Give me a shout anytime if you have any questions/comments! :D
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