Feb 10, 2016

Japan's Most Beautiful Castle

Japan's Most Beautiful Castle photo
If you're living in Japan, you have to put Himeji Castle on your bucket list.  I've seen many of Japan's castles, but Himeji really is the crown jewel.  It is one of the original 12 remaining castles, and one of the 4 national treasures - the other 3 are Hikone, Inuyama, and Matsumoto. 

If you're on a budget and don't want to fork out the money for the Shinkansen, you can take a special rapid train from Osaka to Himeji for only ¥1,490, and it takes 63 minutes. :D  You can see the castle from the Shinkansen platform out the window; it's just down the street from JR Himeji Station.

You can easily spend the whole afternoon there if there are tons of other visitors and if you just go exploring the castle and all the grounds at your own pace.

Anyway, Himeji shouldn't be missed.  It's amazing, and it's no wonder that it's a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Check out the post I wrote on my blog for Photo Friday last week for more info and for more snapshots - http://www.trekkingwithbecky.com/himeji-japans-most-beautiful-castle/

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  • KevinC

    on Feb 12

    Had been to that station twice but never went inside the castle, next time I should check it out.

  • trekkingbecky

    on Feb 12

    @KevinC Definitely check it out! :D There are plenty of lockers in the station if you have luggage or anything you don't want to lug to the castle with you. Take your time and enjoy it! :D