Mar 18, 2018

A person's heart is like a fragile glass

Like a glass, every person's heart is fragile...

When a person falls in love you can have an access on to his/her heart...and when he/she fully loves you, you can hold it on your own...

Do you know the reason why it is too painful when someone breaks your heart?

Like a glass, when you drop it - that one fragile glass can breaks into two. It is the minimum number of pieces that it will turn to. And like a glass, the moment you drop it, no matter how hard you try to put it back into a one whole piece you cannot. Why? Because you cannot find those small pieces brought by the impact when you drop it.

So imagine a person who has a broken heart multiple times. 

In Mathematics, we call it a geometric sequence with a factor of 2.

A person's heart is like a fragile glass photo

No matter how hurt you were, people keep on falling in love because it is part of who we are.

But time will come that no one can mend this broken heart because nothing was left... That one fragile piece has turned into small pieces that were lost along the way...

So before you break someone's heart, think twice.



Just an ordinary international student in Japan


  • Ilia

    on Mar 19

    I just want to say your post moved me. But heart does not have boundaries and that capacity for love is endless, it is the most resilient organ inside us. When it breaks, it strengthens and learns and becomes wise. It becomes more powerful and it matures, it sparkles and progresses. You have to have the heart broken, like a Phoenix in order to soar high, to create, to emerge renewed. Welcome it, as it makes you reach the next level, the new you. Embrace it, cherish it - your heart and its ability to break. Ready to forgive, to let go, to repair. To love again. This is what your heart is for. Adore yourself and your tenderness and your power to mend, to soften, to survive. Love changes, evolves, it is an endless journey - towards yourself. Ilia

  • studentlife

    on Mar 20

    @Ilia thank you for your message.