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Scary Tokyo Immigration

Given my last years experience of the dreaded Tokyo Shinagawa Immigration Bureau experience, I felt the need to talk about this years test to try and obtain a three year visa. Having lived in Japan for three years, I have never been granted a three year visa. Last year I was nearly sent home by immigration because of a notification failure which, of course, they would never accept responsibility for. It is part of their contract. 

So here in part 1 I discuss last years incident, and submit this years application and share my experience. Part 2 will follow when I receive a phone call from them or a notice. In the mean time, I'm dreading the wait. 

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Well done for surviving part one. It's never easy visiting this place, is it?! Hope it all works out for you.


Thank you. I only went to immigration on the 29th November and I've already received my postcard result. I'm hoping it's the result I need. @SalarymanJim


@smallbigjapan Well, that seems like a good sign. Fingers crossed!



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