Feb 1, 2019

Ume-Kawaii Suppa-Mucho Potato Chips

Ume-Kawaii Suppa-Mucho chips. Well isn't that a bit of a mouthful to say? Before reading what these chips actually even were, they were already in my basket. The cute packaging had already won me over.

Ume-Kawaii Suppa-Mucho Potato Chips photo

It looked to me like something following the unicorn craze that swept the States last year. I loved it. If you are familiar with the chip selection in Japan, you may recognize the elderly woman riding the unicorn. If not, this kawaii'd out granny is the kara-mucho chip mascot from producer Koike-ya.

It seems they're back at it again, but not with a spicy chili chip. Instead, they released another suppamucho chip, this time in a honey plum flavor. I guess the packaging makes sense when you consider the flavor. Honey is a sweet flavor, and Japanese plums have a delicate color associated with them.

Ume-Kawaii Suppa-Mucho Potato Chips photo

Now, neither of these flavors belong on a chip in my humble opinion, but I'm an openminded person. I'd take my chances and taste them before forming an actual opinion.

Ume-Kawaii Suppa-Mucho Potato Chips photo

Opening the bag, I got a huge whiff of plum smell. It smelled good, but it was also sour enough to make my nose curl a bit. (Unrelated, but look at how few chips are in the bag! That's a crime in itself!)

Ume-Kawaii Suppa-Mucho Potato Chips photo

Though it's a bit difficult to see above, the chips were actually coated with a light pink powder. It was certainly the first time that I had ever eaten a pink potato chip before, as that bright color isn't something I normally associate with food.

I hesitantly took my first bite and it was probably one of the grossest things I've ever willingly eaten. I understand that Koike-ya was trying to go for a sweet-salty-sour profile with these chips, but it was more like a sour punch to the tongue, salt cheering the harassment on, with honey acting as aftercare but too little, too late.

The karamucho granny definitely looks cute here, but her Harajuku-inspired makeover just didn't suit her. She should go back to embracing her traditional looks and stick to the spicy chips. 




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