Sep 5, 2018

Cute Bread of Japan

One of my favorite things about Japan is how absolutely adorable they can make everything. It seems like everyone is in on it, from huge corporations to tiny mom and pop shops! There's an appreciation for cuteness, no matter what your gender or age.

This has spilled over to many aspects of Japanese life, I have noticed. But I've only recently noticed all the cute breads in the bakeries out there!

Cute Bread of Japan photo

Can you tell what that's supposed to be? It's an apple! It's apple bread shaped like an apple, complete with the little stick and everything. How cute is that? I got this from a small local bakery in Yokohama.

And it tasted delicious too, to be honest. It was filled with cinnamon apple slices, much like an apple pie. The bread was fluffy and soft and the filling was sweet and delicious.

Cute Bread of Japan photo

Here's another cute bread I purchased recently. It's a penguin, though I think that's pretty obvious. I got this bread from a chain bakery in Shinjuku. I had such a hard time taking the first bite out of the penguin head!

Honestly I wish I had just left it as is... It didn't taste as cute as it looked. It was filled with a cream of some sort, but the taste was pretty mediocre. Oh well. I'd definitely buy it again just for the cuteness.

Have you had any experience with the cute breads of Japan? I'm sure there are many more out there just waiting to be discovered and eaten! I know I'll be keeping my eye out from now on.



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