Feb 21, 2019

Can you handle this giant melon bread?

Before moving to Japan, I heard about this enigma of a Japanese baked good: melon pan. I pictured a melon-flavored bread that people would munch on at any time. I was mostly correct, as I see people eating melon pan for breakfast, with lunch, or as a snack. And I've seen melon-flavored melon pan before, though I disappointingly found out it was named melon pan for appearance, not flavor.

I pick up a melon pan every now and again when the mood suits me. I'm usually in the mood for a savorier, cheesy bread but I couldn't resist this sweet melon pan I saw at Don Quijote.

Can you handle this giant melon bread? photo

From that picture alone, it looks pretty unassuming, much like a standard melon pan you can buy in a bakery. But to put it in perspective...

Can you handle this giant melon bread? photo

It was as big as my hand! And I don't have small hands, just so you know. This monster was more than six inches in diameter.

Can you handle this giant melon bread? photo

I was a bit hesitant to look at the damage it would do to my body, but I was surprised that it wasn't nearly as bad for me as I thought! Don't get me wrong... By no means was this a healthy meal, but it packed less of a punch than I expected.

Can you handle this giant melon bread? photo

The baked-on sugary glaze was probably the main contributor to most of those calories. But the flavor was definitely worth it. Even though it came out of a packaged container, it was deliciously crispy on the exterior and fluffy on the inside. If I didn't see it come out of the package, I would've thought it came from a local bakery.

As I ate, what originally looked so daunting wasn't so bad after all. Because of the fluffiness of the bread (it wasn't dense at all), I could eat without getting full. I still wasn't able to eat the whole thing, though, and had to enlist my friend to help me out. But, I do feel like I made a valiant

Next time I make this purchase, I'm going to rewarm it so I'll get the fresh from the oven feeling!



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  • Tomuu

    on Feb 21

    You see, my issue with some melon pan is the dryness so I think one that is the size of hand might be a challenge for me. Unless it's one of those ones with cream or custard in it.