Apr 4, 2019

Wishing on a daruma

Growing up, I remember being terrified of daruma dolls. They always looked so serious, with their round bodies and angry faces. Even with the eventual addition of the eyes, which personalize them a bit, they were never to my liking. Though they were supposed to bring you good fortune--helping to grant your wish--they seemed rather ominous to me.

They started to grow on me over the years, but especially after a friend bought one and prominently had it displayed in her room. I spent a lot of time with her, so I saw a lot of that daruma. 

Wishing on a daruma photo

I went to a plum blossom festival in Tokyo a while back and saw a booth selling handmade daruma dolls for 500 yen. There were a wide range of colors with a sign explaining what each color symbolizes. 

I decided to pick one up for myself because I have the dream of returning to grad school someday. I've been working towards it but I figured any extra luck couldn't hurt. The red was the standard "good luck" and I figured it was appropriate given my wish.

Wishing on a daruma photo

I'm really glad that I purchased this daruma at a festival rather than in a tourist shop. They are all handcrafted and then hand painted, so each one has its own character and unique look about it.

Wishing on a daruma photo

Here's my daruma after making my wish and drawing in his eye. He already looks a bit cuter, don't you think? I hope that my wish to go to grad school comes true, and I can fill in the other eye soon!

...But until then, this little guy is watching me from a bookshelf, silently willing me to put in my applications and write my essays.




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