May 31, 2019

Tirol Black Mont Blanc Flavor

Tirol Black Mont Blanc Flavor photo

Tirol chocolates often have really weird seasonal or limited edition flavors. I don't try them all because sometimes they sound awful (see here).

This is a local flavor as well, part of the "Tirol Local" series for Saga Prefecture, which I just noticed when I looked at the picture. The reason Black Mont Blanc ice cream bars are representing Saga Prefecture is that it's the location of the ice cream company, Milcook or Takeshita Seika Brand. They are fairly simple but yummy ice cream bars based on the idea of Mont Blanc cakes, and I've heard they're hard to find outside of Kyushu. 

As the 'soul food' of Kyushu in ice cream form, this was a nice choice on the part of Tirol, but I wonder what it's like as a chocolate. I haven't had them yet, but I should get them the next time I'm at the supermarket where I saw these. I haven't seen them anywhere else, which is usually the case with these limited edition flavors - I only see them in one Aeon group supermarket called "The Big."

I imagine there is a Fukuoka Prefecture flavor (ramen? mentaiko? amaou strawberry I hope?) somewhere but I haven't seen it at all, despite living in the prefecture.

Have you seen any of the other local flavors from this series? I wonder what they are. 



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