Mar 17, 2019

Really Weird Local Flavors

Have you ever grabbed some snack in Japan because it was a super weird flavor you hadn't seen before, then decided you didn't actually wanna eat it?

I did that with this big bag of Tirol 'Yuzu Kosho Choco' the other day. First thought was, "Hey so weird, my students will love this!" Second thought was, "I don't wanna eat this. And it's so many. And expensive." Often these weird flavors are in tiny packs of 5-10 chocolates, for Tirol at least.

Really Weird Local Flavors photo

(21 chocolates for around 300 yen.)

The yuzu chocolate part sounds fine but the yuzu kosho cream with a biscuit inside sounds no thanks.

Yuzu kosho, if you haven't tried it, is a sauce made from yuzu (citron) and pepper. It's good in tiny amounts on your chanpon or gyoza.

With chocolate... it could taste fine. I don't wanna try it.

If you had the nerve, let me know what you thought.



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