Jul 20, 2018

Horoyoi, you did it again

A review of the Horoyoi chu-hai seasonal (summer 2018) flavor, Shio Suika.

Horoyoi, you did it again photo

This one was released along with Hiyashi Pine, reviewed here by genkidesu. Chilled pineapple is one of those things you can find at the summer festival yatai along with a cold beer, so it makes perfect sense. Salted Watermelon is not something I've seen at a festival, but it is a food I've eaten during summer in Japan. 

And watermelon sounds so good with the crazy hot weather we've been having! But at around 1000 yen for a huge watermelon that won't fit in my fridge, I've only had it when one was sliced up in the staff room at the school I worked at years ago. That was the first time to try salt on watermelon, and I was skeptical at first, but it fits so well.

Japan is super big on cooling summer fruits or at least foods flavored like them. It's also popular to add salt to those fruits. Part of it is that the taste is improved; part of it is maintaining your hydration and electrolytes during the summer. 

The other fruit-salt combinations I've seen are lemon and salt of course, but I had an amazing salt grapefruit Horoyoi last month, and this salty yuzu drink sounds great, if I could only find it here.

It's no secret that I like my weak and sweet drinks on occasion. (Or half of one, most of the time.) This was no exception. I hope they will bring this one back every summer. It lists only watermelon, spirits, salt, saccharides, flavor, acidifier, and carbonation as ingredients. 

The watermelon smell isn't very strong, but the drink most definitely has the taste of watermelon juice. I almost wish it was a stronger watermelon taste. It made me want to eat a real watermelon even more. (I'll get one of those mini ones soon.) The salt flavor isn't strong enough to really notice it, but it makes it too easy to drink. Refreshing is what you want during summer, and that it is.

This is the perfect addition to any summer bring-your-own-drink party. (But maybe bring a real watermelon too?)



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  • genkidesu

    on Jul 21

    Their flavors are always so easy to drink! I'm hoping there will be some yummy new ones for fall, too!