Oct 2, 2018

American Cherry Cereal Cookies

American Cherry Cereal Cookies photo

Kaldi Coffee Farm had these cookies that I've never noticed before. Usually I'm not into cookies or sweets but these looked good. As I wrote before, cookies aren't a huge deal in Japan, but more and more I find them in local supermarkets or convenience stores.

A couple examples I've collected over the last few months:

Aeon Group's cookie (photo below) is a 'nuts and salt' flavor. It sounds good, but this isn't a flavor I've seen back home. I haven't tried one, but I could get into it if I'm in the right mood. 105 yen each is about the standard at supermarkets for a good sized individually wrapped cookie in Japan.

American Cherry Cereal Cookies photo

Below, some 7-11 convenience store cookies available. Matcha white chocolate chip, caramel, and chocolate chip flavors. 127-138 yen each, including tax. These seem really American style (except for the matcha flavor), big and soft, but I haven't tested them out. I bet they're not actually very soft - how could packaged cookies compare with homemade?

American Cherry Cereal Cookies photo

Back to these Kaldi cookies for comparison.

This pack of nine cookies was affordable (220 yen if I remember correctly) and not individually wrapped like so many cookies and snacks usually are (win). This makes it easy to eat more than one but cuts down on the unnecessary trash.

American Cherry Cereal Cookies photo

These are around 8-9 cm across and the crispy type of cookies. The texture is like oatmeal cookies, but the flavor is what's unique.

I've never seen cherry cookies before and thought they'd have dried cherries inside or something. There are no obvious chunks of cherries, but the cherry flavor is strong. More like an artificial cherry flavor, which normally I wouldn't like very much.

They're really sweet for me, but I still didn't want to stop eating them. I thought they paired nicely with cold press black coffee to balance the sweetness. It took me three days to get through nine cookies, without sharing them at all. Once you open them, they're likely to dry out a little, so I put the package into a little plastic bag and they seemed to be fine.

I'm not sure if I'll get these again, but if I'm feeling in the mood for cookies and near a Kaldi, they're a good choice.

Have you tried out any of these convenience store or grocery store cookies (for reference the next time I'm in the mood for sweets)?



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