Sep 29, 2018

Creme Brulee is a Fall Thing?

Creme Brulee is a Fall Thing? photo

Spotted this strange limited edition Lipton Creme Brulee tea. I wasn't impressed with the witch design because I don't associate creme brulee with fall or Halloween. I'm not French, so maybe it is somehow related, but I think this is a Japanese thing. Maybe this is only from my experience of finding kabocha pudding around this time of year. But again, I'm not sure if creme brulee and pudding are related either. I think it's just that a lot of people in Japan like pudding and creme brulee. Not sure about the seasonal part.

In addition, the next day we went to a restaurant (Pisolino), where they had a seasonal pancake for the month of September. Would you believe it was a creme brulee pancake? It was sort of amazing and drippy and too sweet, but perfect with a black coffee. I forgot my camera that day, but it was more delicious than cute.

Have you seen any other 'seasonal' creme brulee flavored things?



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