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  • helloalissa

    on Mar 19


    Saturday lunch price for the standard menu was 1707 with tax.

    When our lunch plans with a friend fell through because the restaurant was unexpectedly closed, we decided on trying out Pisolino instead, as my husband had just heard about it. He decided he wanted to try it sometime and it was agreed that now was just fine.

    A huge buffet restaurant fan, my husband thought Pisolino sounded like a good deal. They have three menu options, standard with pizza and pasta, plus two others which include hamburg, then steaks. We didn't see anyone paying extra for the meat menus, and there really is no reason to. There are already tons of options on the made to order standard menu.

    There was amazing salty focacia, perfect mentaiko and lemony pasta, crispy thin crust pizzas, and dorias. In addition, there is a huge spread of non-Italian side dishes and salads which included yaki-soba and okonomi-yaki, kara age, fried potatoes, and noodles. I made the mistake of taking too many of these and not leaving much room for the pasta and pizza. The dessert options are also not bad at all. In addition to heart shaped dessert pizzas, there are pancakes, soft serve ice cream, kaki-gori, fruit, and yogurt. Drink bar is included with all menus and is fairly standard.

    Very nice quality for the price, and we all agreed, better than Shaky's Pizza (way better and more options for around the same price). I recommend going in a group so you can share and try more dishes. We'll be going there again!

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