Mar 30, 2018

7-11’s Easter sweets range

Back around Christmas time, 7-11 released an adorable range of mini cakes that were shaped like a Santa Claus, a present, and a tree - they were every bit the festive display of deliciousness. They’ve carried this over to Easter this year, with several sweet treats in the refrigerator section. 

Easter Bunny Cake

Known as a “mousse cake”, the bunny variety is vanilla and chocolate flavored.

Easter Chick Cake

The Easter Chick is also a mousse cake, filled with a strawberry cream cheese whipped mousse.

Each cake is priced at 328 yen including tax.

7-11’s Easter sweets range photo

Easter Egg

Maybe not quite the Easter egg you might be used to at home - these “Easter Eggs” have a mochi outer, filled with a mousse whipped cream. The yellow chick Easter egg is filled with a vanilla whipped mousse, and the pink Easter egg is filled with a strawberry milk whipped mousse. The pink “egg” is also finished with a drizzle of white chocolate. This dessert is priced at 190 yen including tax.

7-11’s Easter sweets range photo

If you’re celebrating Easter in Japan this weekend these might be some tasty treats to try. And even if you’re not - they’re adorable anyway!



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