Jul 16, 2018

Tastes of Summer: 7-11's Ramune Warabi Mochi

Certain things just signify summer in Japan - and bottles of ramune make me immediately think of the warmer months. For those that haven't tried it, ramune is a fizzy soft drink that comes in a host of flavors, but the standard one is a lemon lime variety. To celebrate summer this year, 7-11 have paid homage to Japan's love for ramune, with a ramune flavored warabi mochi.

Tastes of Summer: 7-11's Ramune Warabi Mochi photo

The mochi comes in a pack of four individual bite sized pieces, and is priced at only 100 yen (inclusive of tax). The first thing I noticed when I opened the packaging was that the lemon lime smell was really prominent - but in a good way! It smelled refreshing, much like the drink itself, and I was excited to give them a whirl.

Tastes of Summer: 7-11's Ramune Warabi Mochi photo

Instead of being coated with the usual kinako (roasted soybean powder), the outer has what seems to be almost like a powdered sugar coating. They are a little messy to eat, and I found myself getting the powdered sugar all over the place!

Tastes of Summer: 7-11's Ramune Warabi Mochi photo

When it comes to the taste verdict, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed them. They're very light and refreshing, and the perfect summer treat when you're after something sweet but don't want to overindulge. If you're a fan of ramune, or just lemon lime citrus flavored eats, I'd highly recommend these to you. They'll only be stocked at 7-11 stores for a limited time, so head in while you can and pick some up to try.

Don't have a 7-11 store nearby? Lawson also released a similar ramune inspired product for a limited time, so if you have a Lawson in your area be sure to pop in and check it out.

Tastes of Summer: 7-11's Ramune Warabi Mochi photo

The Lawson ramune inspired warabi mochi offering. Pic Credit: Lawson Japan Twitter

Have you already seen and tried the ramune warabi mochi from either 7-11 or Lawson? What were your thoughts - would you buy them again if you have tried them?



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  • ReishiiTravels

    on Jul 16

    That's crazy! I would have never expected them to be tasty! haha!