Jul 10, 2024

Runs small IMO and tight toe area


Kids velcro sandals

Brand: Asverd

Price: 2533 yen

Place of purchase: Amazon Japan


The description

This product is a pair of kids sandals in a black and grey colorway, from a brand called Asverd. I got them online from Amazon Japan, if you search "Asverd ZD08 Kids Sandals with Velcro" they should come up.

The good

To start, the positives: these seem like sturdy sandals, and they have a good amount of grip on the soles. I got the black and grey colorway, but they do have a few other color options as well: there's a solid black, a black and blue, or a pink and white option. You can adjust the width of the toe area and the band around the ankle, which is convenient if you're trying to get a "just right" fit. I think these would work well as water shoes, too, since the straps are a material that looks like it would dry in a speedy fashion.

The not so good

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to return these, for a couple of reasons. The overall length feels like it's a bit short and not true to size (and I even ordered a size up for my son), and the actual toe strap area is SO narrow, even when you adjust the velcro to the maximum width. I wouldn't say my son has particularly wide feet, but they are just too tight to be comfortable for him even on the loosest adjustment. I would keep this in mind before purchasing these -- I might see if any of my friends have kids who will fit into them rather than going down the return route which is just another task to add to my day.



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