Jun 11, 2024

A unique take on the dessert favorite


Kinako & warabimochi choux cream

Brand: Lawson

Price: 235 yen

Place of purchase: Lawson


The description

This product is a kinako and warabi mochi choux cream, and you can find it at Lawson convenience stores at the moment. It was priced at 235 yen (including tax). 

The good

I always enjoy fusion dessert products that bring elements of Japanese and Western sweet treats together. This new choux cream offering from Lawson stores at the moment is a great (and tasty!) example of this, using kinako powder on the outside, a kinako cream filling, and even a layer of gooey warabi mochi in the center. I think it's a fun and creative take on the classic dessert, and I enjoyed the earthy flavors and unique texture. The price is right around where I would have expected it to be at 235 yen, so I don't have any issues or complaints there.

The not so good

I know that the earthy flavors of kinako and warabi mochi aren't to everyone's tastes -- if that's you, then this isn't a dessert I'd recommend, but there's English text on the packaging so I don't think anyone would purchase it if it wasn't something they liked. Overall though, I thought this was a really interesting variation on the standard custard cream choux pastry offerings. Well worth trying if you like kinako and warabi mochi, or you're just open to trying new flavors of cream puffs that you haven't explored before. Hope you enjoy it if you do end up giving it a try!



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