Jul 31, 2018

Favorite convenience stores

There are two convenience stores nearish to my house, Seven Eleven and Family Mart. In our tiny town alone we have multiples of everything from Saveon to Lawson to the two I mentioned by my home. Each one is different in its own way and If I was going to be picky and choosy, I do have to say my money often goes to Family Mart. There are multiple reasons, but I often find myself searching out a Family Mart specifically for various reasons throughout the year.

One includes their baked goods. Last year, I went an extra 13 km on one of my runs looking for the most delicious and amazing baked item that had sold out. Family mart has a really good bakery.

Favorite convenience stores photo

Then there are the printers. I did a side by side comparison between family mart's and Seven Eleven's print machines and well, Famima just wins again.

Now don't get me wrong, I still go to Seven Eleven, but it is more for convenience than preference. There is one thing Seven Eleven makes that is worthy of the effort to find one when I am in the mood and that is their karaage bou. It is fried chicken on a stick and even for this former vegetarian who isn't a fan of most karaage, it tastes good. 

If I ever catch myself traveling around and looking for local items, I will keep my eyes peeled for a Save-on. I have noticed that many of the Save on I have been to will often have items from local farmers or factories. This means you can find apple juice from local orchards, tofu from a local factory or ice cream from local cows. 

Then there is Mini stop. If I could choose a convenience store to have right next to me, this would be it. Luckily for me, it is not and therefore a save a lot of money because I am not tempted to get their soft serve seasonal items. I have yet to be disappointed by what they serve, including the current product. It is a pile of frozen strawberry slices topped with soft serve ice cream. I would eat it every day if I could in this heat wave. 



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